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    Looking for 2017 Donruss Baseball Diamond Collection

    Looking for the base set of them. Willing to trade. Maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks

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    I believe Cubs14 is working on that set. Might try sending him a PM.

    Any chance you have 2016 Donruss dupes for trade?

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    Hey thanks for that, and no sorry. 1st year collecting Donruss

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    Hi, I have these: lmk if interested.thx.
    -17 donruss diamond collection GU BRandon Nimmo
    -17 donruss diamond collection GU JON gray

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    Is this just regular 2017 donruss cards?

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    I have these three: George Springer, #DC-GS, Gavin Cecchini, #DC-GC, Brian Johnson, #DC-BJ. I collect Nolan Ryan cards I don't have and Kris Bryant inserts or GU.
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    I collect Nolan Ryan cards I do not have. Just to make a trade, I might trade for Johnny Bench. Advise me if you are out of country before making a trade.

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