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    Olympic autographs and vent worn for sale cheap

    Prices do not include shipping, which will be calculated depending on the # of cards you want! For some of these, I can't find good prices to compare them to. For those, please feel free to make an offer!
    Prices are also firm, they are low and I believe are very fair and are below ebay sales when available. Discounts can be considered if you buy more than 3.

    Gary Hall Jr. 2007 Allen & Ginter Event worn swim cap: EBAY
    Mariel Zagunis 2009 Allen & Ginter Event used lame: EBAY
    Bruce Jenner 2007 Americana Event worn shirt /250: EBAY
    Mitch Gaylord 2010 Sport Kings Silver Event worn warm up shirt: EBAY
    Picabo Street 2007 Sport Kings Silver Event worn racing bib: EBAY
    Bruce Jenner 2010 Razor Award Winners autograph /100: EBAY
    Nastia Liukin 2011 Goodwin Champions autograph: EBAY
    Picabo Street 1994 Tetrad autograph /10,000: EBAY
    Peter Vanderkaay 2011 Americana Private Signings autograph /199: EBAY
    Manon Rheaume 1993 Classic autograph /1500: EBAY
    Dawn Harper 2012 Goodwin Champions autograph: EBAY
    Kirsty Coventry 2011 Americana Private Signings autograph /199: EBAY
    Matt Biondi 2008 Goudey Sport Royalty autograph: EBAY
    Hayley Wickenheiser 2011 Goodwin autograph: EBAY
    Diana Taurasi 2007 Press Pass Legends autograph: EBAY
    Jennie Finch 2007 Elite Extra Edition Aspirations autograph die cut /50: EBAY
    Jackie Joyner-Kersee 2009 Topps Mayo autograph: EBAY
    Kevin Young 2009 Topps Mayo autograph: EBAY
    Jeremy Bloom 2009 Goodwin Champions autograph: EBAY
    Kerri Walsh 2009 Sport Kings Silver Autograph/Swimsuit: EBAY
    Dan Jansen 2012 Americana autograph /269: EBAY
    Karch Kiraly 2009 Press Pass Fusion Geen autograph /99: EBAY
    Gretchen Bleiler 2011 Goodwin Champions autograph: 2.00
    Dominique Moceanu 2008 Donruss Sports Legends Autograph /25: make an offer
    Gary Hall Jr. 2008 Goudey Sport Royalty autograph: EBAY
    Barrett Christy 2000 Press Pass Rage Graffiti autograph: EBAY
    Dan O' Brien 2008 Goudey Sport Royalty autograph: 8.00
    Mark Pavelich 1995 Signature Rookies autograph /2000: EBAY
    Lynette Woodard 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Collegiate Patches autograph /249: 1.00
    Christine Sinclair 2011 UD Soccer WPS Materials Jersey: 1.00
    Skylar Diggins 2013-14 Fleer Retro RC autograph: 8.00
    Paul Hamm 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes autograph: 2.00
    Trey Hardee 2012 Goodwin Champions autograph: 1.00
    Sami Jo Small 2011 ITG Canada vs. the World autograph: 3.00
    Katarina Srebotnik 2008 Ace Autograph: 1.00
    Pierre Lueders 2011 Goodwin Champions autograph: 1.00
    Sammy Lee 2011 Sport Kings Silver autograph: 2.00
    Jaycie Phelps 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes Going for the Gold autograph: 1.00
    Heather Mitts 2012 Americana autograph /179: 5.00
    Brandi Chastain 2011 Leaf Legends Of Sport Autograph 10/10: make an offer (nothing less than 50 will be considered on this one)

    These are all 2009-10 Upper Deck The Champions autographs
    Unpriced autos are .50 each
    Timothy Goebel
    Todd Gilles
    Greg Zuerlein
    Derrick Delmore
    Piper Gilles
    Bode Miller: 3.00
    Denis Petukhov
    Kerrin Lee-Gartner
    Tanith Belbin: 2.00
    Julie Chu: 4.00
    Madison Chock
    Rachael Flatt
    Ross Rebagliati
    Alexe Gilles
    Kim St-Pierre: 2.00
    Angela Maxwell
    Jane Summersett
    Natalie Darwitz
    Jeremy Bloom
    Melissa Gregory
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    tonight or tomorrow these start going on ebay, so if there is interest, please let me know!
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    Ok, they didnt yet, but TONIGHT these go to ebay so if you want one or more of them, please speak up!
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