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    I'm here for an hour and a half, lets make a deal!!!

    Gotta work at 5:30, so I'm here until 5 pm. Lets make a deal! I'm looking for any GU/Auto that I can get, preferably Cincinnati Reds. I'm also looking for any Packers Gu/Auto or NFL players GU/Auto IN THEIR MICHIGAN UNI'S. Please LMK what you have. I want to make some deals NOW.

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    I have a Glyn Millburn Packers auto. Photo is in my bucket.

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    i like it, although never really heard of the guy. what's BV and what do you need for it?

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    I have no idea what the BV is, but if you have any Canos/Bubbas/Mooses/Zimmerman lots you could put together I would trade it for those.

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    let me see here:

    2006 Topps Series 2 Zimmerman RC

    I have some other nice Yankees card (1998 Pacific Crown Royale Paul O'Neill, 2000 Crown Royale Bernie Williams, some vintage common Yanks). LMK please

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    i also just found a real nice 2006 Topps Series 2 card titled "Bronx Bombers" with a picture of ARod and Sheff.

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    remember, the only mussina card was that crown royale i already gave to you :)

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