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    Call for Nolan Ryan! Help me get to 1500!!

    I currently have 1464 different Nolan Ryan's. I would like to get to 1500 by the end of September. Any help would be GREAT! Don't hesitate to offer a non-gameused for my gameused and auto's. I will gladly look at Tradelists. Also, feel free to send me your list of Ryan's, and I can look through it quickly and let you know if I need any. PLMK who/what you're looking for in trade, or check my site, which I just updated today. For you set collector's, I will trade commons in your favor for Ryan's I need; just LMK what set you're working on and i'll see if I can help. Thanks in advance for any help!!! JOSH

    P.S. One set I would really like to complete is the 1999 (some it's 1998) Topps Ryan Reprint Finest Refractors. I have the regular set and the Finest set, but need these Refractors- 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 17, 18, 27

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    i have 2 nolan ryan autos

    04 leaf certified materials cut auto/jersey /9
    05 playoff prime cuts auto/jersey /10

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