I apologize, I haven't been posting here at all. Yesterday gave me the motivation to be posting/on here more often. Here goes!
Best autograph day of the year! Always nice to add 48 autographs, watch a ballgame, and be home by 9.

Started off by leaving the house a little after 3. I paid a $2 upgrade to watch Don Kelly (Former Mud Hen/Tiger) do a speech pregame across the street. It was a great talk. He talked mainly about baseball, and religion. If you ever have a chance to see him, he is very inspiring. After he finished, I was able to get his autograph on a 8x10. The photo was already signed by Lou Marson. It was a collision at home plate, and Kelly actually said the ump blew the call, and he was safe. I'll get a picture up tomorrow. I actually took the photo myself a few years. Today's goal is accomplished! Anything extra is bonus.

My younger brother came today. He got Kelly on a card. Anyway, the gates weren't supposed to open for a half hour. Well, they had their season ticket holder team autograph day today. The lady said that since there was 10 no shows, we could get in. We were sitting at the gate waiting, and us, and a few others got in. Let's just day we did awesome. We shall fast foward past that part, and save it for last.

After autograph day, we weren't sure what to do. I didn't bring anything for Buffalo, and there was 90 mins to game time. Since we had nothing better to do, we went down to the Hens side for more. The pitchers actually had a throwing session today, so they came out. My brother took out another ball, and started working away with my help. Then I had a "doh" moment. I remembered I had a few extra cards in my bag just in case. I pulled them out, and added a few. I missed out on most, but it's no big deal.

Buck Farmer 1/1 ( Awesome guy) Topps RC
Jeff Pico 3/3 ( Tougher one to get) 2 team sets, and 1991 Topps

Now for the position players. Most signed, but I only had cards for a few of them.

Matt denDekker 2/2 Pro Debut, Heritage Minors
Jacoby Jones 3/3 (Autograph machine) Pro Debut, Heritage, Diamond Kings

That's all for pregame. Now the results for the team auto day.

On custom cards:
Ruben Alanis
Zac Reining er
Bryan Garcia
Jairo Labourt
Jeimer Candelaria
Dominic Dicocielli
Josh Turley

Onto the cards:

Jacoby Jones 3/3 (Like I said earlier, signs everything) Bowman Chrome, DK, Topps rc

Matt denDekker 3/3 Pro Debut, Heritage Minors, 14 Topps RC

Buck Farmer 2/2 15 Topps RC, IL Top Prospects

Logan Kensing 1/1 Team Set
Jason Krizan 1/1 Team set
Bryan Hola day 3/3 Various team set cards
Efren Navarro 1/1 team set

Anthony Vasquez 1/1 2011 Bowman Chrome

Kyle Ryan 2/2 (Yes, I found more of his cards since last time) 15 Heritage RC Stars, 11 Pro Debut

Muddy and Mudonna (Mascots) 1/1 team sets

Tyler Collins 2/2 (15 Topps, old team set)

Blaine Hardy 1/1 15 Topps

Argent Diaz 3/3 Various team sets

Omar Infante 3/3 Team Set, 11 and 13 Topps

Brendan Ryan 3/3 Team set, 09 and 10 Topps

Awesome day! They are out of town for a week sadly. They are back on next Monday, but I head out of town that night. May still go. I will have no Wi-Fi from the 22nd to 25th, so I won't have posts up then. Tomorrow will have scans, and update on yearly goals. Maybe a TTM if I'm lucky.