Poll: Are you "judged" when it comes to card collecting?

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    Are we misunderstood as card collectors?

    As a collector/trader/seller of baseball cards, I have come across a lot of people over the years that just don't understand the hobby, and why it is still a "thing" now that we are not kids.

    Many many times, If I mention baseball cards, or if I ask another baseball fan if they collect cards, I get the same response "ya, when I was like 12". Everyone that sees me always shakes their head and has no understanding of why I did it or why I do it after my childhood years. No one can believe that as an adult, that I am still involved. I don't quite understand what the big deal is with it. It's just another hobby of many that one could partake in.

    Why are baseball cards/trading labeled as a kids hobby? What about us adults?

    What brought all this up.......This morning, I had a card in my hand, here at work, that I was taking to the post office to mail off in a trade. One of the girls here asked what I was mailing. So I told her. She was in complete shock and found it humorous that I, as an adult, was "trading cards". With her being in her mid 20's, she even made the comment about not being a kid anymore.

    So this brings me to a poll question....... why are we judged as adults when it comes to card collecting. (at least me anyways)
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    My advice would be not to worry about it. I am sure all of those people do some things you would think silly. The next time it happens, quote them a high dollar number that you made from selling cards last year, or tell them something you bought last year or this year from selling cards. They won't laugh as hard. In fact, they may want to know how to start collecting, ha! Just enjoy the hobby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crankbait09 View Post
    Why are baseball cards/trading labeled as a kids hobby?
    These are the same people who incorrectly label baseball a "kids game". It was never a kids game as it was basically started by Civil War veterans to do something but somehow people saw a Disney baseball movie in the 1990s or something and now think it was always a kids thing. BTW cards started as TOBACCO cards so it was hardly a kids hobby as well.

    I'm also going to guess these same people run out to the movie theater every time a superhero movie comes out to see a millionaire Hollywood actor in makeup and wearing silly tights battle against a CGI monster and somehow think that is totally acceptable because TV tells them it is "cool" to do so, so I wouldn't feel to bad about it if I were you.
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    As a collector my entire life I've been told that the reason I was single for such a long time is cause of collecting cards. I now have been with my current girlfriend for about 2.5 years she at first understands it's a hobby for kids cause she collected comics & her brother had a small amount in his collection compared to mine. When I send out cards in the mail I get a couple of the same story I had a bunch of Michael Jordans,Pete Roses,Mickey Mantles, heck I think I got from my grandparents a Babe Ruth RC etc etc etc. I look to collecting as fun,educational,something to do other than selling drugs on a street corner that was always my parents go to line I rather see him spend hisweekly money on cards then drugs. So are we judge for collecting into our whole lives yes but it something that we can enjoy as time passes on.
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    If it's something you like to do and enjoy it, and it doesn't hurt or cause problems for others, then DO IT. Don't worry about what others think, unless IT controls your life. So long as it's FUN for you,and doesn't HURT or cause major problems for others, then keep collecting. Many many many people collect, and they collect many many many different things. However, don't let the HOBBY control you, YOU control it. Don't give in to SELLERS who say "you have to have it". Do it while YOU WANT TOO. ENJOY your HOBBY/collection. Have a good day.

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    I agree with everyone's comments, but I must say I cannot recall anyone ever telling me "it's a kid's hobby".
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    Great thread, thanks for posting this. I may post this up in the Hockey section to get some discussion going, as I feel this is a multi-sport topic when it comes to the card collecting hobby as a whole, and what the outside world thinks of it, not that any of their opinions matter anyways. But fun/interesting to talk about anyways :)

    In my opinion, I definitely think we card collectors are misunderstood. It's not just you. But it's the same as any other hobby of course. Have you ever seen an auction end on something and think to yourself "Someone paid that much $$$ for THAT! Crazy." I think the same people would turn around and say the same thing about some of our hockey cards, big or small purchases included.

    Not that it's just about the money, but cards as a whole are represented as a "kid's thing", so anytime you have a young/older adult doing a "kid's thing", it may turn some heads. But alas, we card collectors know that in some instances, there are room for kids in this hobby (rightfully so), but there is also room for the adults, too. That's where we fit in just as equally. And there's no problem with that! :)

    So while any hobby will be probably misunderstood by people outside the hobby, just make the hobby yours and have fun with it! While it does involve some financial input (what hobby doesn't?), this hobby also involves many other small skills and builds many others, along with it being very fun in the process. Don't let someone take that away from you.

    Oh, and quoting a high card sale or two may keep onlookers on their toes the next time they try to judge your hobby from the outside ..... ;)
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    creasecollector - if you do in fact post this type of poll in other sports cards areas, let us know how it goes.......

    in general; I certainly didn't post this with the intentions of people think I was down and very discouraged about being "judged". I certainly don't let others effect my decision in continuing this hobby. I enjoy it, always have. After so many comments made by people I talk to, it finally got me thinking, enough to post this thread. I was more curious than anything if anyone else experienced this type of reaction from others.

    Now, to answer pwaldo's post. I did in fact approach said heckler (chick at work) about whether or not they watch super hero movies that are based around comic books, etc etc. After the discussion, what answer did I get? )"yes, I do watch them comic book related movies) This opened a whole new can of worms.............the conversation pretty much ended with her clamping her pie hole. Didn't have too much to say afterwards. I felt I had defeated one of the many hecklers :) ha ha

    good point pwaldo, never thought of that part of it.
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    What I don't like is being told that the cards are just a piece of cardboard and how it can be so important to me.

    I started at age 8 and I am 65 in September and sold out 3 different times in my life and as your comments have said people call it a kids hobby.

    Went to our local card shop and a Dad brought his son and they spend $100 on a box and some packs and the kid opened the packs and pulled out what he considered stars and the cards he wanted and gave the owner the other cards. One was an Aaron Judge Rookie card and a nice Mike Trout. Dad was okay with it and I said to the owner what craziness is these and he said kids do that a lot now.

    I don't understand when people ask me what I collect and I tell them Derek Jeter and they ask me how many cards I got of him and I tell them just over 1900 of him, they say I am crazy and that they don't really Personal collect anybody, what is wrong with them.
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    I don't go in to card shops any more unless I need supplies (penny sleeves, top loaders, etc). But that would blow my mind if I saw someone open a box, and just give the cards to the shop. Unless the shop is buying them off of them, but still. I guess a lot of people are just in it for the value, and "Certain" cards. To each their own I guess. I have never seen that happen!

    At that point, why not just buy the cards you "Want" on ebay and save money on all the packs/boxes you'd end up buying anyways. but that's just me. Off topic, I know. but that blew my mind

    I just turned 40, but I as well, started collecting around 8 years old also. I don't spend nearly the amount I used to, now I just concentrate on the cards/player that I want.
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