Looking to move out the majority of my collection. Only keeping my commander decks. Pricing is lower than ebay average, All prices are delivered and OBO. Orders under $5.00 will be dlvd in PWE unless otherwise discussed. AGAIN: ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED

This is a working list. If you need something not listed: ASK!!!!


Nissa, Voice of Zendikar OGW $7.00
Arlinn Kord SOI $6.00
Dovin Baan KLD $6.00
Chandra, Flamecaller OGW $10.00
Ajani, Valiant Protector FOIL AER $6.00
Tezzeret, The Schemer AER $5.00
Tezzeret, Master of Metal FOIL AER $7.00
Chandra, Torch of Defiance KLD $23.00
Saheeli Rai KLD $10.00 x2
Saheeli Rai FOIL KLD $14.00
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets SOI $7.00

Choked Estuary SOI .00 x3
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Port Town SOI $3.00
Inspiring Vantage KLD $5.00
Spirebluff Canal KLD $7.00
Fortified Village SOI $2.00


Fatal Push KLD $8.00 x2
Disallow AER $7.00