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    How about 1500 RP's for the four ? PLMK. Thanks. Have a good evening and night, Rodney

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    Okay, sounds good, can you post it up, will be gone most of the evening! Thanks again Rodney!
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    Rob, thanks for another trade. Our agreement has been posted, please confirm. Once you've confirmed I'll send you the RP's. PLMK when you'll be mailing, so I'll have an idea of about when to expect them. Again, thanks for the trade. Have a good night, Rodney

    Anyone else want to work out a trade for some of my RP's ?

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    Back ttt --- Anyone interested in working out a trade of my RP's for your baseball gu and/or auto's ?

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    Anyone have any gu and/or auto's of ORIOLES and/or NATIONALS that they want to trade for RP's ? If so, let's work out a deal. Thanks for checking out this thread. Have a good evening.

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    Back ttt --- Your Orioles and Nationals gu and auto's for my RP's --- Let's work out a deal.

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    Anyone have any ORIOLES and/or NATIONALS gu and auto's they want to trade for RP's ????????????

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    Back ttt --- Still trading RP's for gu and auto's of ORIOLES & NATIONALS. --- Anyone want to trade?

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    Anyone have any they want to trade for RP's ??????????

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