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    Just for the record, I was the only one who included several $50 to $60 cards every time in the last few card drafts I ran, including the Westbrook and Harden rookie and rookie parallels that some of you may own, which came from my own OKC PC. I never complained about others not having the same value cards in those drafts; in at least one I remember, no one else even sent anything over $25! This time, I happened to not have the same number of high value cards left due to recent sales, but I included a $30 card I had left that often sells for close to $50 on eBay. Given that MOST collectors nowadays rely on eBay and eschew Beckett, this shouldn't be an issue. And we were already notified that the rules were amended.

    It's nonsense complaining that in part caused me to leave the site. I came back to help the draft and do some final fire sales.

    I now see I should have just stuck with the original decision and not returned to this reception of ungrateful whining currently going on in the card draft.
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    hey! I already cleared things up with Nene this morning separately. He missed the amended rules part and him and I are switching spots in the order so I think everything should be fine now. Go ahead and pm me directly if you have any more concerns.
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