Since ROMLBs take a toll on the pocket book I have been digging for alternatives that let me keep my hobby going without forking over a ton of coin. I've been testing out baseballs from Dick's Sporting Goods at the local AAA games and think the Baden All Weather balls are my new faves. They don't have the China imprint on them, they are made of leather (seems to be pretty high quality) and have a clean sweet spot. They do have blue laces, but that's cool with me since I don't plan on selling them and blue is my favorite color. I've tested ball point and roller ball on them and think they both do okay, but I prefer the ballpoint. The ink seems to hold well and it doesn't smear. Time will only tell on the fading but overall it works pretty well. Plus they are $4.99 a piece. If you buy 3 or more they get even cheaper. Hope this info helps any of you all out there in the same position as I am.