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    03 Leaf Certified Jerseys trade/sell

    The following cards are from 2003 Leaf Certified Materials. I will trade them for other game used from Leaf Certified of NY Jets or Giants. Rookie game used will only be traded for other Rookie game used.

    Justin Fargas Rookie #1065/1250 Raiders
    Kliff Kingsbury Rookie #1209/1250 Patriots

    Keyshawn Johnson Mirror Red #147/150

    Jevon Kearse Fabric Of The Game #70/90

    Jevon Walker "Certified Potential" #97/125

    Thanks, John

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    How much for Walker?

    Ooops, should've read your whole post, sorry. I have nothing to trade, but if you still have it after a few days and want to sell, keep me in mind....

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    Feel free to make an offer. I am always willing to sell for $$$.
    Thanks, John

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    I didn't see anything I needed, but I have this if you're interested:

    Don Manyard
    Fabric of the game #04/25 green patch, die cut in the Jets logo.

    Email if you're interested

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    2003 Sp Game Used Chris Simms au rc 65/99
    I know that is on your probably not for trade list, but it is the only card I am interested in. Let me know if we can do a card & cash trade.
    Thanks, John

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    why dont we start off with this. what do you think the bv of your two cards are???? im guessing 20-25 total

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    I think you guess is a pretty good one. BV of the Simms is $60.00 according to Becketts trash guide. How much cash do you want with the 2 cards? LMK.
    Thanks, John

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    hey i need the kingsbury freshman fabrics card. check my www button for the cards that i have for trade. let me know if you see anything you like. I REally NEED ThAT CARD!!!

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