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    Post Curiosity if anyone would do it

    Last week Friday after coming home from the National in Chicago w/my friend Loqtus we discussed if anyone would ever take a Topps set of baseball from 1982 to 1991 along with the Traded Set from the same year & then either buy or hand collate them into sets 9 times then place it in the 9 pocket sleeves (sheets) in a 3 ring binder 1 page per card of the 9 sets you would have a total of 8,316 cards for the binder my question is would you do it or not please comment as well after you have voted in the poll. I like to read the explanations for the way you voted thanks.
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    I grew up collecting Topps Baseball (and Hockey) in the 1980s, so this would be an interesting project -- for nostalgic purposes if nothing else!

    Quick question: It would be 1982-1990, correct? If it were 1982-1991, that would actually be 10 sets instead of 9.
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    No you pick any set from that frame then you go like this example sorry it's not easy to show on a phone when sending a message.

    1. 1. 1.
    1. 1. 1.
    1. 1. 1.

    Next page is like

    2. 2. 2.
    2. 2. 2.
    2. 2. 2.

    "Any ballplayer that doesn't sign Autographs for little kids Ain't an American. He is a Communist"-Rogers Hornsby on Signing an Autograph as a Manager in 1942 with the St. Louis Browns.
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    I tried something like that awhile back with my PC of Ozzie Smith..

    got kinda hard after awhile so I quit..
    had 9 1981 topps on one page.9 81 fleer on one page and so forth
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    No. For most of those years the supplies would exceed value. I think it would be interesting to see but. Not worth the time.

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    I voted no and not because it is crazy but more because it is a project I think would look cool but I just don't have the dedication, time, and supplies to do it. So I'm going to cop out and hope somebody else takes one for the team to do it. lol
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    I'd do it if the cards and supplies were given to me. Fun little weekend project. I'd give the completed project back to the original owner. Any takers?

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    Thank you for clarifying, BSEBALLCOMMISH75.

    I think I get it now, and I might have to change my vote to "no". The reason is that I just don't think it would be very interesting to look at nine of the same card on each page.

    Originally I thought you were saying to choose nine different years, and then put card #1 from each of those years on the first page, card #2 from each of those years on the second page, card #3 from each of those years on the third page, and so on.

    For example, here is what a completed page would look like for card #182, using the years 1982-1990:


    I think this would be a lot more interesting and fun to flip through. Occasionally you might have a page of eight or nine common cards, but other times you'd have a page with a few stars on it. (And just think of how amazing the "hero number" pages would be!)

    Something else to consider: From one page to the next, each card year would be in the same spot (e.g., in the example above, 1984 Topps would always be on the top-right of the page). I think that would be a cool feature as you're flipping through the pages.

    One more thing to consider: Other SCF members have mentioned the supplies and the cost, which is something I hadn't thought about. You'd need 792 nine-pocket pages for the full set, plus another 132 nine-pocket pages for the traded set. That's 924 pages in all. I don't think they make binders that big! You'd have to separate the set into 9 or 10 binders, with 100 pages per binder.

    Even so, I might consider doing this kind of project one day.
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    So I pretty much have already done that and I voted NO. My feeling was that it woudl be cool to leaf through all the cards. Well I have 1958-2001 or so in binders. Now the 1958 set, the 1961 set, the 1967 set are iconic and fun to go through. The 1991 Topps Set, well, it ain't worth the pages and binder they are in....that said any 1950's set I buy will ALWAYS be in a binder as that is the only way they will really be viewed.

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    Oh, and BTW, you need a ton of space to store them too...I built a room in my house (Man Cave) and I am running short of room

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