I just bought a box of probably 250-300 (or more) tickets and ticket stubs. I will be breaking these down to sell individually, but before I start cataloging them (an arduous task) I thought I would ask if people are looking for specific stuff. From the best of my early digging, here is what seems to be in the lot:

Lots of Cleveland Indians tickets- mostly from the 90s and 2000s. Stubs and whole tickets

A fair amount of Browns tickets- same years, but not nearly as many

Baseball tickets from the 70s-90s. I saw Pirates, Yankees, White Sox, but there may be more.

2 blocks of tickets from the 1975 Atlanta Braves

Some various football, minor league baseball, Cleveland Cavs, and other sports.

I know that is pretty vague, but it's a whole shoebox full and I havent really started sorting.

If anyone wants something specific, let me know. Prices will start at .25-.50 per ticket for the newer stuff, and a bit more for older tickets!

Thanks in advance!