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Thread: Correct grade?

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    Correct grade?

    That's a t206 Nap Lajoie with a PSA 4, but it looks like a bad 2.

    What do you think? Sloppy rating or fake card?

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    It's kinda hard to judge the card with only the single photo. That being said if you look at the criteria psa gives for grading you can see things like the corners & some border dicolartion that would put it in the 2-3 cattagory imo but the centering & gloss look like a 5-6 imo. The surface must be fairly clean as well but again your looking at one photo & you can't tell how deep the crease is. It might truely be a 4. Sure is nice when you can see the grades for each individual aspect of the card not just the cumulative grade alone.

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    Without seeing the back or looking at the holder closely it is going to be tough for me to say which of the two would be correct. It could go either way really but I'd lean towards it having other quality features that makes it a weak looking PSA 4 if I had to choose.
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