ok, here is a shot in the dark ... probably no response
I am a small time collector, don't do much in the way of high end.
Don't rip much. I just pick up a card here and there on ebay, or my LCS.
Last year, I became fascinated by the 2016 Topps Transcendent product. OMG .... a product that costs $22,000 !!!
limited to 65 sets
So I watched a bunch of case breaks on you tube
And one of the hits in each set is an invitation to the 2017 Topps Party - legendary
So I keep following, and learn that the Topps party give aways include
2016 Topps Chrome Blue Sapphire cards #1/1 - stamped 65th party
2014 Topps base set cards #1/1 - stamped first edition / 65th party
2017 Topps base set cards #1/1 - stamped 65th party

So I decided I'd like to have a few of these party 1/1 cards in my collection and have been following and keeping my eyes open.
I'd like to get one from each set
ideally I'd get the same player from each set, that would be fun
or if i could get the pack pulled chrome superfractor that matches one of the cards I have blue 1/1, and could then go for the rainbow, that would be fun

so far I have 4 common cards

2016 Chrome Blue Sapphire Johnny Giovatela [Angels] - 657 - 1/1 - I'm an Angel fan, so this is closest to a keeper
2016 Chrome Blue Sapphire Oliver Perez [Astros] -143 - 1/1
2016 Chrome Blue Sapphire AJ Ramos [Marlins] - 42 - 1/1
2017 Topps base Phil Hughes [Twins] -379 - 1/1

I have no real attachment to any of these specific cards in particular,
so if you have any of these cards, and are a team collector
and want to trade the one you have of yours, to me for the one I have
we might work something out