Hello SCF collectors! If you're a Canadian, this is for you!!!

This is the best deal you will ever get to sell sports cards on eBay.ca
No Store fees, no listing fees up to 100 000 cards!

You register a new account on eBay.ca
You subscribe to any eBay store. (Will be refunded every month for up to 12 months.)
You subscribe to a Kronocard eBay connector.
You install Kronocard to scan, document.
You list on eBay with Kronocard up to 100 000 cards without any listing fees also for 12 months!

This is the best opportunity you will ever get.


Here are all the details: Canadian eBay/Kronozio promotion
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If you have any question, you can reply to this thread.

Have a wonderful day!

Team Kronozio.