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    Wink Back to collecting and box breaking![Basketball]

    Hi!! My name is nikole from the Bay Area! I love to hoop and collect NBA cards!
    I recently started collecting again!
    But i want to start breaking box! Break box to new collectors and try not to overprice for profit , but just for fun!

    I collect Kobes and Jordan Clarkson Cards! So, hit me up!

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    Welcome to SCF and there are a lot of Lakers collectors on here!
    Football: Marcus Mariota, Emmitt Smith, Jay Ajayi, Brandin Cooks, Doug Martin and Dak Prescott! Baseball: Graig Nettles, Harmon Killebrew and Derek Jeter! Non-Sports: Star Wars Anything
    Emmitt Smith Personal Collection: 1674 of 8601, 6 of 8 Rookies, Autos 0 of 1162, Memorabilia 12 of 1800, Serial #d 148/4745 Derek Jeter Personal Collection: 1894 of 15598, 8 of 8 Rookies, Autos 1 of 1272, Memorabilia 20 of 2658, Serial #d 118/9653 Hidden Content

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    Thats not ideal lol. But thank you! Im really hoping i can find a group to do breaks with!

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    Nikole- Welcome to SCF!
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Welcome to SCF Nikole, have fun here and enjoy yourself! I will be looking into putting up some case breaks with the strong draft class this year.

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