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    CamaroDMD's Custom Cards

    So, I have been making custom cards for about a year and a half and I really enjoy it. I have produced some and made used them for TTMing in the past but more recently I have just been doing digital cards for the fun of creating them (my actual production technique is quite labor intensive and not a lot of fun). I have mostly been sharing them on a small sports card website where I am an moderator but thought I would share them with this community as well. I also wrote a tutorial of my process which can be found here:
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    As of right now, I have 5 different custom sets that I am working on. Each is an on-going project. They are as follows:

    1. Oregon Duck set: based on 1967 Topps football, this set is mostly players 1989-Present (players I grew up watching).
    2. 40,000 Yard Club Passer Set: based on 1989 Topps 1000 Yard Club Football
    3. Super Bowl Set: based on 1989 Topps Football
    4: Super Bowl MVP Set: based on 1986 Topps Football Record Breaker Subset
    5. Custom Random Set: Various Creations that don't fit into other sets

    All my customs are re-creations of various classic designs. I have not done anything totally custom yet.

    I have over a year's worth of creations that I will post here over time. I hope you guys enjoy them.

    Here is a couple from each set:

    1967 Topps Oregon #1 Marcus Mariota (Quarterback 2011-2014)

    This card design is extra special because I took the photo!

    1967 Topps Oregon #2 Kenny Wheaton (Cornerback 1993-1996)

    The 40.000 Yard Club cards are done in order beginning with each player that has reached that number. So, #1 is Unitas, #2 Tarkenton and so on. These were made a year ago so the stats on the back of active players are outdated. I figure I will update them when they retire. Also, I decided that I would picture the player in the uniform which they are most known for (for the most part) rather than with the team they may have surpassed 40,000 yards with since it is a career achievement (for example, Unitas)
    1989 Topps 40,000 Yard Club #1 Johnny Unitas

    1989 Topps 40,000 Yard Club #2 Fran Tarkenton

    The Super Bowl card front is based on the 1989 Topps Super Bowl card in the real set while the back is vertical more like the 1989 Topps TL cards. I decided rather than use random colors for the boarding and the stripes like the real set did...I would make the winning team's colors be the primary colors for the bordering and the losing teams be the two small outside stripes. As a result, each card reflects the color palate of the actual game.
    1989 Topps Super Bowl I

    1989 Topps Super Bowl II

    The MVP cards are based on the design of the 1986 Topps Record Breaker card with the design somewhat adapted to fit my needs. The back is similar to the base cards.
    1986 Topps Super Bowl I MVP Bart Starr

    1986 Topps Super Bowl II MVP Bart Starr

    The random cards all feature designs that I wanted to do but do not fit into other sets. The first 4 cards are of a player that is a relative of mine who never had a card. He played for 2 years in the USFL and 2 years in the NFL so I made cards reflective of that.
    Random Custom #1: 1984 Topps USFL Tim Wrightman

    Random Custom #2: 1985 Topps USFL Tim Wrightman

    Random Custom #3: 1986 Topps Tim Wrightman

    Random Custom #4: 1987 Topps Tim Wrightman

    I hope you enjoyed my early designs and I will continue to post more in the future.

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    Great looking cards!

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    So, a quick explanation on how I got into this as I have no computer photo editing or graphic design training. I'm totally self taught.

    I enjoy photography, its one of my hobbies. About 2 years ago my brother-in-law and his fiancee asked me to be their wedding photographer. Now, I am not a professional photographer...just someone who likes to take pictures and every now and again does a good one (my dental office is decorated with my photos). Anyway, I said "no" as I didn't want to ruin the memories of their big day...but after some arm twisting they talked me into it. I decided that I needed to learn basic Photo editing with Photoshop to deliver a nice result for them. After trying and failing to learn the program, I decided I needed a goal. Something to work on. Having seen custom cards online...I thought that would be a good tool to use to learn Photoshop.

    So, I decided I would create a custom card to learn the software. Having given it some thought, I choose to re-create the design of my favorite vintage card set...1967 Topps football. I felt an Oregon Ducks design would be cool (I'm a huge Duck fan...grew up in Eugene, graduated from Oregon and I have season tickets). When I was a kid, I was a big fan of their QB but he wasn't ever going to make it to the NFL. As a result, outside of a couple Oregon team issues, he never had a card. So, I thought he would be a great subject for such a project. So, I set out to make my 1967 Topps inspired Danny O'Neil card.

    I finished the card, put the number 16 on the back (his jersey number) and was really proud of it. Best of all, it was fun. Also, without realizing it...I had made the card in such a way as to allow me to use it as a template to make more really easily. I decided a short time later to make an Oregon set based on this design. I actually recycled the O'Neil prototype into the set. I renumbered it #3 (I wanted to give #1 and #2 to Oregon's two biggest modern stars) and started making more. I think I have made 44 Oregon cards so far.

    So, here are a few more:
    #3 Danny O'Neil (Quarterback 1990-1994) - renumbered Prototype

    #4 LaMichael James (Halfback 2008-2011)

    #5 Tony Graziani (Quarterback 1992-1996) - My Favorite Duck!

    #6 Haloti Ngata (Defensive Tackle 2002-2005)

    #7 Rich Brooks (Head Coach 1977-1994)

    #8 Cristin McLemore (Wide Receiver 1991-1995)

    #9 Joey Harrington (Quarterback 1997-2001)

    Here are a few more of the Super Bowl cards

    1989 Topps Super Bowl III

    1989 Topps Super Bowl IV

    1989 Topps Super Bowl V

    1986 Topps Super Bowl III MVP Joe Namath

    1986 Topps Super Bowl IV MVP Len Dawson

    1986 Topps Super Bowl V MVP Chuck Howley

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    Just tremendous work, you have a great talent! Thanks for sharing, fun ideas, and great photos on the cards too!

    God Bless,

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    Great stuff. Love the Wrightman cards. I was a huge fan of the Blitz, and still claim the Bears as my favorite NFL team, despite what they look like right now.
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    Awesome customs! Really good work! Do you have any scans of the ones you printed out?
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    These look good. How do you print them?

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    These are beautiful!

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