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    Reserved Post is hosting a unique break exclusively for the first 200 members of SCF that register for this break! They are going to break a case of 2017 Bowman Chrome and will random off hits BY player to any SCF member that is registered on!

    All you need to do is 2 things:

    1) If you have not registered yet, register at before the break occurs.

    2) Once you are registered at Packrip, make sure that you register for the exclusive break here! 200 SCF members at random will get a spot. Each slot is for one player in the base set and prospects set. If any player not in one of those sets gets pulled it will be randomed off to a member of the list.

    All cards acquired in this break will automatically appear in your PackRip account to Sell, Trade or Ship Home!
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    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
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