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    (108) Dallas Cowboys Vintage (mixed Years) for trade or Sale (Scans in post)

    I have this lot of 108 Vintage Dallas Cowboys. These are from mixed years. I will trade for Vintage Steelers, or will sell for $47.50 delivered in US. I can also use Rookie cards of Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell, Big Ben, James Conner, JU JU, LMK what you have. I will consider some trade bait as well.

    Most are recognizable names...and most are in great shape.

    I can put together 2-3 similar lots if you want..

    Scan_20171012.jpgScan_20171012 (2).jpgScan_20171012 (3).jpgScan_20171012 (4).jpgScan_20171012 (5).jpgScan_20171012 (6).jpg

    Scan_20171012 (11).jpgScan_20171012 (10).jpgScan_20171012 (9).jpgScan_20171012 (8).jpgScan_20171012 (7).jpgScan_20171012 (12).jpg

    If there is a team you would like to see, let me know.. Please send some offers!

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    Still 2 lots available

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    I have a bunch. Will scan a lot later today

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    deals/offers wanted

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