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    >>>looking to get rid of all of my cards!<<<

    I've got out of collecting cards and I am looking to get rid of them. The majority of them are from 2010 and back but all of the ones listed below are Jersey or Autograph cards. I also have tons of base cards, inserts, and whatever else if someone might be interested in it. Heck, if anyone wants to buy them all, just shoot me an offer! I also have some Dwight Howard jersey and autograph cards if anyone would be interested in that. And I also have quite a few Michael Jordan Inserts I'd be willing to sell. If you want any pictures of anything, again, send me a message! Anyways, thanks for looking!

    Numbered Cards

    12-13 Totally Certified Demarcus Cousins Auto # to 49.
    09-10 Panini Threads Rodrigue Beaubois Auto Patch of the "A" # to 640.
    06-07 SP Authentic Allan Ray two Patches on the front of the card and two jerseys on the back # to 25.
    09-10 R&S Tyreke Evans jersey # to 299.
    07-08 SP Authentic Ryan Hollins RC Auto # to 25.
    03-04 Skybox Bonzi Wells jersey # to 150.
    03-04 Fleer Showcase Jerry Stackhouse jersey # to 375.
    09-10 R&S James Harden jersey # to 299.
    08-09 Topps Co-Signer D.J. Augustin RC auto # to 350.
    07-08 Artifacts Pau Gasol jersey # to 100.
    05-06 Press Pass Daniel Ewing RC jersey # to 600.
    06-07 Sp Authentic Sergio Rodriguez RC # to 999.
    09-10 Topps Signature Daquan Cook auto # to 1199.
    03-04 Fleer Hoops Steve Francis jersey # to 500.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual Jersey of Thabo Sefolosha and Martell Webster # to 570.
    07-08 Artifacts Dual Jersey of Paul Pierce and Kirk Hinrich # to 150.
    09-10 Upper Deck Charlie Villanueva dual jersey # to 150.
    07-08 Artifacts Udonis Haslem jersey # to 250.
    04-05 Topps Aleksandar Pavlovic Rookie jersey # to 50. (2 color) 1 of 1?
    06-07 Bowman Rajon Rondo Rookie jersey # to 199.
    08-09 Press Pass Brook Lopez rookie auto # to 155.
    08-09 Press Pass Malik Hairston rookie auto # to 99.
    08-09 Press Pass Kosta Koufo rookie auto # to 250.
    08-09 Press Pass Eric Gordon rookie auto # to 250.
    07-08 Luxury Box Cedric Simmons rookie jersey/auto # to 249.
    08-09 Press Pass Roy Hibbert rookie jersey # to 400.
    07-08 Stadium Club Aaron Affalo rookie jersey # to 499.
    09-10 Panini Studios Demarre Corroll rookie # to 249.
    09-10 Donruss Elite Dwayne Wade jersey # to 15.
    09-10 Donruss Elite Tracy McGrady jersey # to 299.
    07-08 Topps Echelon Wilson Chandler rookie jersey/auto # to 399.
    07-08 Topps Echelon Gabe Pruitt rookie jersey/auto # to 399.
    07-08 Patrick O'Bryant rookie jersey/auto # to 199.
    07-08 Exquiste Alando Tucker rookie auto/patch # to 225.
    06-07 Hot Prospects Patrick O' Bryant rookie jersey/auto # to 50.
    07-08 Donruss Elite Aaron Gray rookie auto # to 100.
    07-08 Luxury Box Brandon Roy jersey # to 349.
    06-07 Press Pass Ronnie Brewer rookie auto # to 250.
    07-08 Trademark Moves Gabe Pruitt rookie jersey/auto # to 139.
    06-07 Sp Authentic Renaldo Balkman rookie auto # to 999.
    07-08 Hot Prospects Acie Law IV rookie patch/auto # to 399.
    07-08 Hot Prospects Morris Almond rookie patch /auto # to 399.
    08-09 SPx 2 Patrick Ewing Jr. rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    07-08 SPx Stephane Lasme rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    07-08 SPx Kyle Weaver rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    07-08 SPx Nick Fazekas rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    07-08 SPx Jaravis Crittenton rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    07-08 SPx Julian Wright rookie jersey/auto # to 599.
    08-09 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars O.J. Mayo rookie jersey # to 399.
    08-09 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Danilo Gallinari rookie jersey # to 399.
    09-10 SP Game Used Dual jersey of Desmond Mason and Al Thorton # to 499.
    09-10 SP Game Used Dual jersey of Mike Miller and Rudy Gay # to 155.
    09-10 SP Game Used Dual jersey of Luke Walton and Kenyon Martin # 499.
    09-10 SP Game Used Quad jersey of Nick Young, Sean Williams, Javaris Crittenton, Jason Smith # 125.
    06-07 SPx Hilton Armstrong rookie jersey/auto # to 1199.
    08-09 Luxery Box Triple jersey of Charlie Villanueva, Channing Frye, Ryan Gomes # to 49.
    07-08 Luxery Box Solomon Jones rookie jersey/auto to 249.
    08-09 UD Premier Josh Boone jersey/auto # to 50.
    08-09 UD Premier Al Thorton jersey/auto # to 99.
    09-10 Panini Prestige Kobe Bryant Jersey # to 249.
    07-08 Luxury Box Triple jersey of Ben Gordon, Chris Duhon, and Ben Wallace # to 249.
    07-08 SPx James White jersey/auto rookie # to 1199.
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Lebron James jersey # to 199.
    09-10 Panini Season Update Ty Lawson jersey # to 499.
    09-10 Panini Prestige Sundiata Gaines auto # to 699.
    09-10 Panini Threads Jonas Jerebko rookie patch Letter "E" # to 700.
    04-05 Fleer Jason Williams jersey # to 149.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Nick Young jersey # to 499.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Derrick Favors auto patch auto # to 199.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Gani Lawal jersey # to 99.
    10-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Brook Lopez auto # to 49.
    10-11 Luke Babbitt By the Letters SP Authentic # to 299.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Kevin Love jersey # to 99.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Baron Davis jersey # to 249.
    10-11 Panini Prestige Carlos Boozer jersey # to 249.

    Not Numbered

    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Lebron James/Magic Johnson.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Dennis Rodman/Sheldan Williams.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Tracy McGrady/Shawn Marion
    10-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Gary Forbes auto patch.
    10-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Andy Rautins auto patch.
    10-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Jeremy Evans auto patch.
    09-10 Upper Deck dual jersey Michael Conley and Raymond Felton.
    08-09 SPx D.J. Augustin rookie jersey.
    02-03 Press Pass Quentin Richardson auto.
    09-10 Panini B.J. Mullens RC auto.
    03-04 Bazooka Yao Ming jersey.
    03-04 Fleer TraditonMickael Pietrus RC jersey.
    07-08 SP Rookie Edition Andrea Bargnani jersey.
    04-05 Fleer Genuine Carmelo Anthony jersey.
    04-05 Bazooka Sebastian Telfair RC jersey.
    03-04 Bowman Larry Hughes RC jersey.
    03-04 Fleer Authentic Dual Jersey of Nene and Karl Malone.
    04-05 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Gilbert Arenas and Jason Ricardson.
    04-05 Pristine Carlos Boozer jersey.
    07-08 Artifacts Ryan Hollins auto.
    07-08 SP Rookie EditionVince Carter jersey.
    04-05 Skybox Hoopes Paul Pierce jersey.
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Ray Allen jersey.
    08-09 Skybox Andrei Kirienko jersey.
    04-05 Diamond PRO-SIGS EditionsWillie Green auto.
    04-05 Fleer Richard Hamilton jersey.
    04-05 R-Class Dual jersey of Baron Davis and Jamaal Magloire.
    08-09 Upper Deck Jermaine O'Neal jersey.
    04-05 Skybox Kevin Garnett jersey.
    02-03 Fleer Authenitc Dual jersey of Karl Malone and Elton Brand.
    09-10 Panini Lester Hudson RC auto.
    07-08 Bowman Relics Mike Bibby jersey.
    07-08 Bowman Relics Luol Deng jersey.
    04-05 Sweet Shot Andrei Kirilenko jersey.
    02-03 SP Authentic Dual jersey of Stephon Marbury and John Stockton.
    02-03 SPx Dual jersey of Chris Webber and Peja Stojakovic.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Corey Maggette and Chris Bosh.
    08-09 Fleer Yao Ming jersey.
    05-06 Bazooka Chris Wilcox jersey.
    04-05 Sweet Shot Nene jersey.
    05-06 Rookie Debut Paul Pierce jersey.
    00-01 Press Pass Mike Miller RC auto.
    06-07 Bowan Chrome Adam Morrison auto.
    05-06 Bazooka Luol Deng jersey.
    08-09 MVP Dual Jersey of Elton Brand and Corey Maggette.
    08-09 Hot Prospects Andrew Bogut jersey.
    08-09 MVP Antione Walker jersey.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal.
    04-05 Fleer Kevin Garnett jersey.
    04-05 Bazooka Paul Pierce jersey.
    08-09 Press Pass JJ Hixson auto rc.
    02-03 SAGE Tito Maddox auto rc.
    06-07 Ovation Bruce Bowan auto.
    05-06 Upper Deck Yao Ming jersey.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual jersey of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James.
    06-07 Upper Deck Grant Hill Jersey.
    08-09 MVP Jared Dudley/Raymond Felton dual Auto.
    09-10 Greats of the Game Bob Hurley Auto.
    09-10 Greats of the Game Jack Sikma Auto.
    08-09 MVP Brent Barry jersey.
    08-09 MVP DeAndre Jordan jersey.
    09-10 Greats Of the Game Steve Francis Jersey.
    08-09 Press Pass Legends Bernard King Auto.
    08-09 Press Pass Legends Eric Gordon Auto.
    08-09 Press Pass Legends Calvin Murphy Auto.
    08-09 Press Pass Legends Henry Bibby Auto.
    08-09 Press Pass Legends Bailey Howell Auto.
    08-09 Press Pass Russell Westbrook Jersey.
    06-07 Press Pass Hilton Armstrong Rookie Auto.
    07-08 Bowman Relics Tracy McGrady jersey.
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Lebron James jersey.
    06-07 Draft Picks & Stars Kobe Bryant jersey.
    09-10 Panini Season Update Brandon Jennings rookie jersey.
    09-10 Panini Season Update Gary Payton jersey.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual of Shannon Brown and Randy Foye.
    09-10 Upper Deck Dual of Tyrus Thomas and Larry Hughes.

    04-05 topps peak performers Tim Thomas
    04-05 topps pristine winning wardrobes Tony Parker
    02-03 fleer authentix Antoine Walker ticket/jersey
    04-05 topps luxury box triple jersey Antoine Walker/Josh Smith/Josh Childress
    03-04 upper deck shooting stars Gordan Giricek
    04-05 bowman Josh Childress
    04-05 topps luxury box Kenyon Martin #ed 166/250
    04-05 upper deck diamond collection weekend highlights threads Marko Jaric
    04-05 upper deck sweet shot Rasheed Wallace
    03-04 fleer authentix Nene ticket/jersey
    04-05 UD diamond collection all star staples Kevin Garnett
    03-04 upper deck all star weekend authentics dual Carlos Boozer/Dajaun Wagner
    02-03 UD spx winning materials Elton Brand
    04-05 UD diamond colllection weekend highlights threads Earl Boykins
    02-03 fleer hot materials Paul Pierce
    04-05 fleer throwbacks Devin Harris #ed 467/499
    04-05 fleer showcase playmakers Kevin Garnett
    02-03 fleer hot materials Desmond Mason
    04-05 hardcourt players materials Jamal Crawford
    05-06 UD slam Malik Rose
    04-05 fleer ultra scoring kings Jason Richardson
    02-03 fleer hot materials Antoine Walker
    05-06 topps all star altitude Zydrunas Ilgaukas #ed 69/250
    04-05 skybox autogrpahics Kevin Garnett
    04-05 fleer e-xl Devin Harris #ed 267/500
    05-06 topps chrome hardwood heroics xfractor Emeka Okafor #ed 21/25
    05-06 UD hardcourt mat./wood Kyle Korver #ed 56/99
    02-03 fleer authentix Baron Davis/Reggie Miller tic./jersey
    03-04 fleer patchworks by the numbers Tracy Mcgrady
    03-04 fleer patchworks by the numbers Dirk Nowitski
    04-05 topps bazooka bazooka breakaway Paul Pierce
    04-05 fleer throwbacks Jameer Nelson #ed270/499
    05-06 topps bazooka all access Chris Paul
    05-06 topps bazooka all stars Luke Ridnour
    05-06 UD SPx Joey Graham jersey/auto #ed 473/1499
    06-07 UD rookie debut materialazation Tyson Chandler
    06-06 UD rookie debut materialazation Samuel Dalembert
    05-06 UD sweet shot jerseys Rashad Mccants #ed 64/125
    06-07 topps finest finest fact Joey Graham #ed 1034/1629
    06-07 hardcourt Quincy Douby rookie jersey #ed 86/199
    05-06 SPx Ben Gordon/Kirk Hinrich
    04-05 SAGE HIT luke jackson
    06-07 UD rookie debut materialazation andre iguodala
    04-05 UD rclass allan houston
    06-07 bowman tim duncan single
    06-07 bowman kobe single
    06-07 rookie snapshots rajon rondo #ed 55/199
    04-05 fleer genuine big time yao ming (a little bit of the seam at bottom)
    06-07 bowman chrome jordan farmar single GU
    03-04 topps jersey edition tony parker #ed 36/99
    03-04 fleer tradition luke walton GU/ball #ed 74/250
    02-03 ud honor roll jared jeffries #ed 270/499
    03-04 ud spx jayson williams dual gu
    03-04 skybox autographics mike dunleavy #ed 159/350
    03-04 topps bazooka americana shaquille oneal
    04-05 ud r-class corey maggete
    04-05 ud black diamond elton brand
    03-04 ud honor roll ndudi ebi/kendrick perkins
    03-04 ud spx gary payton dual
    04-05 fleer hoops yao ming #ed 254/500
    06-07 SPx James White jersey/auto #ed 1074/1199
    04-05 bowman instant impact Tony Parker
    05-06 UD Black Diamond Carmelo Anthony
    07-08 Bowman Dual Relics Dwight Howard #ed 89/199
    07-08 Bowman Single Relic Tracy Mcgrady
    01-02 UD All Star Authentics Stromile Swift
    07-08 Topps Genreation Now Andre Iguodala
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Ultra Stars Lebron James
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Call to the Hall Kobe Bryant
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Heir to the Throne Lebron James #ed 120/199
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings Elton Brand
    06-07 Luxury Box Quad jersey Shawn Marion/Jaon Terry/Alonzo Mourning/Chauncey Billubs #ed 190/199
    06-07 Luxury Box Triple jersey Ben Gordon/Chris Duhon/Ben Wallace #ed 108/249
    06-07 Luxury Box Brandon Roy #ed 200/349
    06-07 Luxury Box Tim Duncan #ed 244/349
    05-06 Bowman Welcome to the Show Hakim Warrick
    06-07 UD Ovation Apparel Chris Wilcox
    06-07 Luxury Box Cedric Simmons auto/jersey #ed 218/249
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Bronze Tony Parker #ed 36/99
    06-07 UD reserve cedric maxwell
    06-07 topps finest sergio rodriguez
    04-05 topps total justin reed
    04-05 UD legends fred jones
    2000 press pass mike miller
    97-98 skybox autogrpahics corie blount
    04-05 UD sweet shot signature shots jamaal wilkes
    05-06 bowman signs of the future jarret jack
    2005 press pass gold auto dijon thompson #ed 5/100
    2006 press pass hilton armstrong
    03-04 UD mvp pro signs dermarr johnson
    1997 scoreboard jason collins
    04-05 UD trilogy signs of stardom j.r smith
    06-07 press pass hilton armstrong
    05-06 sp authentic sensational sigs brandon bass
    04-05 SAGE HIT diana taurasi #ed 177 250
    04-05 SAGE HIT maria conlon #ed 23/250
    04-05 SAGE HIT chris duhon #ed 102/250
    04-05 SAGE HIT andre emmett
    04-05 SAGE HIT julius page
    06-07 UD rookie debut maurice ager
    06-07 press pass kevin pittsnoggle red
    06-07 bowman damir markota
    06-07 topps chrome cedric simmons
    02-03 sp authentic chris jeffries #ed 543/1500
    06-07 topps trademark moves solomon jones level 2 #ed 66/149
    06-07 ud reserve legendary signatures cedric maxwell
    07-08 Bowman Spencer Hawes #ed 113/479
    06-07 Topps Trademark Moves Josh Boone #ed 65/75
    06-07 UD Ovation Spotlight Signature Bruce Bowen
    07-08 Fleer Ultra Autographics Andre Iguodala

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    Hey, I tried to send you a pm but it says you're messages are full. I'd be interested in the lot depending on price.
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    I would be interested in the two lebron jerseys, the dual with him and magic, and also the one with him and dwayne wade. If you could please pm me I tried but your inbox is full. thanks
    Always buying Steelers and Penguins

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    I would also take a price for the lot if you have one in mind. Thanks
    Always buying Steelers and Penguins

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    Sorry guys, didn't know my inbox was full. Sending PMs out now.

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    I’ll take a lot price if still available. Thanks!
    Looking for:
    1997-98 Flair Row 1 & Row 0 Basketball
    1998-99 SPx Finite Baseball, Basketball, Football (Base, Radiance, Spectrum)

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    I'd be interested in a lot of Detroit pistons and Chicago bulls. Nothing special.

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    If you really wana sell the lot shoot me a price. Thanx.

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