I started using just ink jet and color laser printers. The quality wasn’t great but it was enough to share with friends even if a little smeary. I used a process similar to the way CamaroDMD does it to align sheets and glue them together. At the time I was doing this I couldn’t find anyone on the internet doing anything similar so I’ve been winging it.
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Next I experimented with sending out for 4x6 prints and this was exactly the quality I wanted.

The best part of trading cards are of course the chase cards. My favorites are gold foil and hologram. I started out printing on transparency paper and sandwiching what I wanted.
I learned that it required painting the backside white which ended up being more work than I wanted. This did turn out to be a good thing when I wanted to use Glow-In-The-Dark paint.
I settled on custom cutting and the results are pretty good. I can put any kind of background I want.

I’ve ordered metallic prints and they come out well. I can't find a version that wasn't metallic to compare.

The Relic cards were a requirement for me. I’ve made several of various thicknesses as necessary and I think they turned out well.
I added an Autograph card to the set. I even experimented with action hologram cards

To add to the realism I made packs and boxes for a couple friends. I made some custom binders as well because that’s just who I am.

Just to make sure this is sports related, I’ll share one of the cards I made for the local College Football Team. :)

You see that I tried to do gold in a few ways and really none of them come out to my expectations. Has anyone here found a process they like?

The process is a lot of fun for me. Honestly the hardest part is writing something interesting for the back of the cards or I would do it more often.