Looking to move the rest of my allen ginter minis for autos/game used....new york and boston teams take priority....low end is fine! plmk what you need here or by pm, prefer to move in bulk!

2017 Allen Ginter

Gold Border:
48 Carlos Correa
79 Rod Carew
123 George Springer
107 Pedro Martinez
191 Jay Glazer
264 Robinson Cano
284 Miguel Cotto
330 Mike Melancon
340 Hanley Ramirez

Black Border:
19 Giancarlo Stanton
63 Barry Larking
141 Michael Fulmer
167 Andres Galarraga
201 Orlando Arcia
228 Ryan Zimmerman
335 Lorenzo Cain

101 Jay Bruce
281 Yoan Moncada RC

HR-2 Exmoor Pony
HR-14 Shire Horse
HR-18 Scandinavian Coldblood Trotter
MI-14 Robert Heller
WD-6 Hunting Guide Dude