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Thread: Worth grading?

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    Worth grading?

    What do you guys think worth sending to psa

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOSH1012 View Post

    What do you guys think worth sending to psa

    Not with that side edge all messed up...not worth it
    I'm willing to trade/deal if the price is fair

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    Thanks for the reply, inthought It was to gone also

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    Well there are pro's and con's to this question, If your looking to flip it, Do not grade it, the card is in pretty bad shape, if your looking to keep it, I would at least get it encapsulated to at least protect it from further damage, hopefully this helps.

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    It really isn't in that bad of shape. Just probably not going to make back your money by having it graded so that would fall into the not worth it category. But seen and owned cards from that year that have been in way worse condition.
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