Looking to sell this lot. Will also consider trading for one Good Young Gun or The Cup Rookie. Taking reasonable offers. Its hard to set a price due to the market on these being all over the place and the Blues are very hard to find consistent sales.

2017 Team Canada Juniors Auto/Patch /199

Emily Clark 3 Color
Brianne Jenner 4 Color
Natalie Spooner 2 Color
Sarah Potomak 3 Color
Sarah Potomak 2 Color (slightly)
Nate Schnarr 3 Color
Mathieu Joseph 2 Color (Slightly)
Julien Gauthier 2 Color (Puck Mark)
Rebecca Johnston 3 Color
Josh Brook 3 Color

2017 Team Canada Juniors Blue Sapphire (Online redemption only IN HAND)

Rebecca Johnston
Carter Hart
Elijah Roberts
Jennifer Wakefield
Sarah Potomak
Brianne Jenner
Jett Woo
David Noel
Liam Hawel

2017 Team Canada Juniors Red /199 Sarah Potomak