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    Through the Mail Manager (TTM Manager) version 2.0 now running!!!

    Members -

    One of the most important features that SCF has is the TTM Manager. There are a great number of members that rely on this system to send out Autograph requests. However, this function has not been updated in several years. That has changed!

    SCF is proud to announce that the TTM Manager v2.00 is up and running!

    The new link, which has been updated on all the menus (and is redirecting the old link) is now going to

    For all of the enhancements that have been made, I will point you to look at this thread -->

    All of the work done in making this happen has been done by @CoolHandLuke (with input from end users of the tool and TTM Staff).

    I encourage you all to check this out and provide feedback.

    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
    Contact me for any site related issues
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    Per Scott request I made a big change to the player list. First Scott ask me to cut the number of player to show per page. So the logical idea was to make it a 26 letters menu. Now since I did not show as much player, the page is much faster to load. But it also gave me to change the layout as well. I got some comment that it was starting to look charge a bit with the added statistics. So I decide to make it one line per player. Easier to search a name and it also allowed me to use the column to sort it so you can see better who is active. Mainly each column header, if you click on it, it will sort it using that value.
    Sorting goes like this:
    Player's Name: last name ascending and first name ascending
    Last Success: Receive date descending
    Days: Receive date descending
    Success %: player success percentage descending
    # Of Successes: Number of success descending

    I change the text and color legend to this:

    To sort the result by columns, click in the header on the title.
    Days Legend: Green 0-30, Gold 31-90, red 91-182, pink 183-365
    Percentage Legend: Green 90-100 Gold 70-89, red 50-69, pink 30-49
    # Of Success Legend: Green 50+ Gold 30-49, red 20-29, pink 10-19

    So it does give something like this:

    I hope you will like it, While you loose having all players from a sport on one page, you gain a lot more clarity in reading the names and a lot more versatility by having a way to sort them by last success, percentage and number of successes. I know Scott love it, I hope you will too.

    Also new, from now on. All success are posted on the forums in a sub forum of the autrograph central:

    But this time it show right away a larger version of the images that are uploaded. So starting today all new successes will be posted there and should be under your username. (Still need to test it with a other user...) LOL

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    Definitely like it way better! That sorting capability will be so useful!

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    Hey not sure where to ask this since I am new but has anyone had success with boxing gloves through TTM

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    Quote Originally Posted by dom23 View Post
    Hey not sure where to ask this since I am new but has anyone had success with boxing gloves through TTM
    You have to look in the other sport section. While not all users will add the sport in the name, some did. Here a fast result I got putting box in the last name from the other sports section:

    Other Sports's players list

    Below the player name you have statistics. First the player's latest activity, it will have (or not if more then 365 days) a colored number with stars.
    Stars Legend: Green star(*5*) between 0-30 days, Gold star(*28*) between 31-90 days, red star(*78*) between 91-182 days, pink star(*324*) between 183-365 days
    Also, if the player as more then 0 percent signing, we show the percentage and number of successes. No text on the second line mean the player his not active at all.
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    Looks great thanks for the updates
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