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    2000 random cards for $400? Good investment?

    A friend of mine wants me to buy several boxes containing about 2000 baseball cards from the 60s to early 2000s. Good investment or no?

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    That seems like a very poor investment especially since you do not know what any of the cards are. Even if you did it would probably be wiser to use the $400 somewhere else. I mean just ask here in the buying section and see what you could get for $400. I'm willing to bet what the members here have to offer would blow his offer away.

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    I have a list of HOF autos I would sell for less than half of that.

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    Say "no" unless you can look at the cards and determine most are stars and that the years are recent, within the last 1-10 years. The auto deal above may beat that deal hands down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassneilson View Post
    A friend of mine wants me to buy several boxes containing about 2000 baseball cards from the 60s to early 2000s. Good investment or no?
    As the others have mentioned buying them site unseen is not a good move.

    1) See how many cards are from the 60's.
    2) Are there any bigger rookies from the 86 and back.
    3) What are the condition of the cards from those cards above. If they are not excellent or better pass.
    4) Your looking at getting .20 a card on average so unless you have a lot of older vintage in there your not going to be able to recoup .20 cents a card on 80's to 2000 base.

    Can you let us know what happens?


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    Don's advice is solid. I certainly wouldn't pay 20 cents per card for commons from the past 35-40 years. Unless there are plenty of stars from the 60s and 70s, I would let the seller try and find another sucker.

    Good luck!

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    Hard pass. My guess is there's a LOT of 80s junk in there that you'll regret taking on for storage space's sake, and not enough quality to make it worth it.

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    Are they unopened boxes or just boxes with cards? What % are stars and "vintage" (earlier than 1980)? If opened (not unopened boxes), what condition(s) are the cards in? Are they just base and inserts,or do they include gu and auto's also? If so, how many and of who? And there are probably other questions to think about, and get answers too. However, it ALL comes down to just one thing, ARE YOU INTERESTED and ARE YOU COMFORTABLE in spending $400 on the cards? If it's okay with you then do it. But, if it bothers you let it go. It all comes down to that you'll have to do what is comfortable for you, it's your money,your decision, and you are the one that will live with the decision. Have a good day. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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    Price is way too high. I personally wouldn't pay more than $10 on a random assortment 800 ct box without inspection first.

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    Big gamble, especially if it's not more of the older vintage type of stuff. If it's 90% 1987 to current... you are talking 1800 cards that MIGHT (low probability) get you a $0.05 return per card (if you are lucky, $90, IF you are lucky). I personally would not do it sigh unseen. Now if it's 90% Pre 1987, there's a good chance you make your money back (medium probability) but again, I think you can get better stuff off of the boards for $400.

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