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    New Member - need advice on selling!

    Hey all,

    New member from Michigan, helping a friend of a friend. A guy I know has approximately 20 seasons of 3-4 of the major sports. I think Baseball, Football, and Hockey....he might have all 4. Either way there is a HUGE pile of boxes, all organized by season and sport.

    What is the best way to inventory and sell these? I dont think I want to sit around and manually input them....should I scan them?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Kronozio
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    Welcome to SCF, GO BLUE. As far as the selling of cards go, it's going to be tough to value them without know whats inside the boxes. Is it late 80's early 90's stuff that is not worth much. Do you have autos, gu, rare inserts, star rc, etc etc?

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    Welcome to SCF and you will initially need to look what you have for cards, base, inserts, autographs. If you know star players pull them out and make sure the better stuff is in hard plastic top loaders. Need also to put in year order!
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    You could always take a picture of them with a camera as that might be quicker than scanning a large amount of cards. Probably also depends on the cards. Are they mostly commons or high end stuff?
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    Cards2go- Welcome to SCF!
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