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    Wife of Hockey Legend Accuses President Trump of Harassment

    (NEW YORK) — The wife of Hall of Fame hockey player Luc Robitaille has tweeted about an encounter with Donald Trump more than two decades ago in an elevator at Madison Square Garden.

    Stacia Robitaille wrote Monday on Twitter that Trump “was aggressive & told me I was coming home with him. I laughed, stating I was married to a Ranger. He guaranteed me my husband didn’t make as much money as him. #ThisIsOurPresident.”
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    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
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    IDGAF what happened 20 years ago.
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    Yeah pretty sick of hearing about this crap. Men who don't know how to talk to women often make remarks like that. Who cares?

    I wouldn't want to be in an elevator with Donald Trump either, though.

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    It matters for a few reasons, one being that it may indicate a pattern of behavior, not only against women but one that demonstrates money is more important than morals to some people. It also matters because the man in this case happens to be the POTUS, a person who is relied upon to use good judgement and to abide by the precept that all men and women are created equal and are therefore afforded equal protection under the law. This claims falls in line with Trump's 'when your famous you can do whatever you want to them' taped statement.

    You see, it has nothing to do with liking Trump or not. Twenty years may seem like a long time ago to some, but at the time of the alleged incident Trump was a 50 year old man, safe to say his character and values were well established at that age.
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    You'd care a lot if were a person you knew and respected (I hope).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsokol1626 View Post
    You'd care a lot if were a person you knew and respected (I hope).
    Totally agree.


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    Since most people only watch/see Propaganda (formerly known as the Evening News), google a real piece of *&^%$ named Lisa Bloom. This "lady" is the ambulance-chaser who represents the majority of women who have come forward against Trump. For good measure, she also briefly represented some guy named Weinstein? Who? Oh yeah, that guy. While working on behalf of Mr.Weinstein, she allegedly contacted Rose McGowan and offered her over $1-million dollars, to "change her tune" publicly on Weinstein. Miss McGowan refused and told her where to stick it.

    With the likelihood of a big payday shrinking, Bloom dumped Weinstein as a client and went back to the Trump well. On Friday, evidence was released that shows Miss Bloom was "rewarding" anyone who would come forward against Trump. She was "raising" money from "Donors" and if a so-called accuser came forward, perhaps......your mortgage could be paid-off? In one case, one of these "accusers" received $30,000 to pay-off her mortgage. Another "so-called" accuser was allegedly offered as much as $750,000 to come forward against Trump, two-days before the election but she refused. A copy of the texts between Bloom and this women who didn't have a beef with Trump has also been released.

    For good measure, any money raised from the donors, was paid to these women to "protect" them. Oh yeah, Miss Bloom took 30% of the "donation" as an "up-front" payment towards her fees. Last but not least, Miss Bloom's mother is none other then man-hating........"Gloria".

    Trump is the worst thing since Hitler but Liberal Icon Ted Kennedy got drunk, killed a woman, left her to die, went home, poured a drink and called his lawyer? Another Liberal Icon, Bill Clinton allegedly raped several women but every one of these women were brutally attacked - and still are today.

    I've got a bunch of friends/colleagues in the States and from coast-to-coast, they are licking their chops about how well the economy is doing and how well things are starting to look. After eight years of hell, one tends to tire of Fake News and focus more on how one can make life better for one's family. Personally speaking, waking-up every morning, hitting the stock app on my phone and seeing Green everyday is a beautiful way to start the day.

    If anyone wishes to check my history, I have also colluded with a couple of Russians from this site.

    Sadly for Canadians, any respectable ounce of honesty from the media died with the retirement of Lloyd Robertson. Today, CTV gets their US info from MSNBC and I believe, CBC still relies on whatever the Libs tell them to report. Even Floyd Robertson from SCTV would be a welcome sight at this point.
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    This isn't newsworthy and has nothing to do with hockey. It shouldn't be posted here. It just serves to rile people up and divide up otherwise like-minded people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggot View Post
    This isn't newsworthy and has nothing to do with hockey. It shouldn't be posted here. It just serves to rile people up and divide up otherwise like-minded people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggot View Post
    This isn't newsworthy and has nothing to do with hockey. It shouldn't be posted here. It just serves to rile people up and divide up otherwise like-minded people.
    I might agree with you on the not newsworthy point but it has to do with hockey and there shouldn't be a problem posting it here.

    If anything though the story backfires on her if it was meant to put Trump in a bad light. If it was so bad she would have mention it while he was running for President as I hear there was some cash to be had telling stories about how Trump harassed women. And two you mean a man with a ton of money and fame was cocky to a random women he found attractive? Yeah he acted like a jerk but are we now going to mention every time a guy acted like cocky jerk towards women from decades ago? If so that's just going to delude the actual problems in society and make you look like an attention seeking whatever.

    Also on a side note that veers into political territory. If you have to dig up something from 20+ years ago to say something bad about the President to me that seems like he is doing a good job and he's winning big if you have to go the character route instead of policy debate. I mean a 4 year term is going to turn into a 8 year two term rather quickly if that's all you got. Just saying.
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