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    2017 Prizm Basketball Thoughts / Breaks?

    Ok I am a fairly new member here as I just got back in the market about 4 months ago after a 20-25 years layoff.

    A few questions.

    1. I am vintage collector but have been drawn in the Panini Prizm Basketball. I am a huge basketball fan and the Prizm seems to have the best value over the past few years? I have bough quite a few blasters and $10 hanger packs from Target and Walmart and have had pretty good success on opening them.

    Is Prizm the elite basketball card in the last few years and possibly going forward? I want to limit myself on brand on the newer cards. I know this market is unpredictable at times but just trying to get a consensus.

    2. Breakers are a whole new aspect to me as no one did this 25 years ago. This is intriguing to me and think I want to get into a few of these breaks with the new Prizm basketball. Who in the industry are the most reputable breakers? Do most include the base cards in the break or just the hits?

    3. Lastly on the 2017 Prizm Basketball, there are multiple choices in boxes I have found out. Retail, Hobby, Blasters, Hangers, Cello, etc. What do you guys feel is the best boxes to break?

    Thanks in advance as I am going to try to stay to vintage Graded cards but the new Prizm basketball from the last handful of years has my attention.

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    Prizm is hot right now in basketball and it should continue as a great break for a lower end type set. I mean it won't ever be the $1000 pack success as some other brands but for the price point you really can't beat it as you can buy it at Target. What other boxes at Target are as popular?

    It depends on the breaker. Some will include base while others do not. They will tell you the rules upfront if they are reputable.

    For 2017 Prizm it depends on what you are going for. Just the base rookies and parallels or autographs and bigger hits? Depending on what you want to hit there are better or worse options now that Panini makes so many different Prizm products.
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