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    Comics Have List

    All comics are mint put into plastics with boards.

    Avengers Invaders 1-12 (complete set).
    Elektra the Hand 1-5 (complete set).
    Hulk World War 1-5 (complete set).
    Logan 1-3 (marvel knights complete set).
    Spiderwoman Origin 1-5 (complete set).
    Omega Flight 1-5 (complete set).
    Wolverine 50-54 (battles sabertooth).
    Wolverine Old Man Logan 66-72 & GIANT SIZE #1(complete set).
    Wolverine Origins 2 1-7.
    Wolverine Weapon X variants editions 1-5.
    What If the Spiderman Other (one shot).
    What If Planet Hulk & Hawkeye called Norman Osborn (one shot).
    X Men Deadly Genesis 1-6 (complete set).
    X4 1-5 (complete set).
    X4 Ultimate 1-2 (complete set).
    Ultimate Elektra 1-5 (complete set).
    Ultimate FF 21-23 (zombies).
    Ultimate Extinction 1-5 & secret 1-4 (complete sets).
    Ultimate Origins 1-5 (complete set).
    Ultimate Avengers 2 1-6

    Batman RIP 676-680.
    Trinity #1-11.
    Somerset homes #4-6.

    Episode One & Two (compete set photo’s from movies).
    Crimson Empire 1-6 (complete set).
    Darth Maul 1-4 (complete set).
    Empire #1-6 (complete sets), 13-14, 16, 31.
    Republic #46.
    Jedi vs Sith #1-6 (complete set).
    Legacy #1.
    Tales #5 (billy dee williams), #9 (vader vs. maul), #17 (sith).
    Boba Fett twin engines of destruction (one shot).
    Han Solo at star’s end #1 (han & chewie).
    Insider 37 (palpatine), 39 (vader), 40 (battle droid), 42 (maul), 43 (darth maul), 49 (tesb).
    Combo #27 (jabba & han).
    Cinscape (sw se).
    Vanity Fair (ankin & amidala).
    Premiere magazine special collectors issues #4 lucas & anakin.
    SW official 20th anniversary commemorative magazine.
    ROTJ official collectors edition magazine.
    Galaxy collector magazine.
    ***********************************WANTS********** *************************
    star wars game cards, sw miniatures ships, buffy game cards, wotc sw roleplaying books, star wars collectibles & basketball cards 96 & up.

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    What are you looking for the SW comics and magazines! Have a lot of SWCCG cards!
    Football: Emmitt Smith, Jay Ajayi, Brandin Cooks and Marcus Mariota!
    Non-Sports: Star Wars, Silver Surfer, Thor
    Baseball: Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Harmon Killebrew, Graig Nettles and Derek Jeter!

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