Jason Wood, who represented a number of high-profile players, was officially let go for 'not upholding the company's 'moral and ethical standards.'

Wood was also suspended by the Major League Baseball Players Association, which is investigating the allegation that he filmed a client showering, according to Yahoo! Sports.

As first reported by FanRag Sports, the player discovered a camera while using Wood's shower at the agent's St. Louis home.

It's unclear why the player was using Wood's shower, but he reportedly confronted Wood about the camera before firing him.

Wood denied the allegations in a statement to Yahoo! Sports.

'The allegations that have surfaced today are absurd and untrue," Wood said in a text. 'Over the past 13 years I have worked tirelessly to build a successful agency through integrity and hard work. I am disappointed that there are those who have chosen to spread such irresponsible and harmful rumors.'

Other players were reportedly filmed showering as well, according to FanRag Sports.