I hope these are ok to list here, and that they are in one thread. I'm doing Cowboys Team Sets of various years and sets. If it's ok to list these here like this I will be posting many more needs lists. Starting with these. Thanks.

'93 U.D. SP NEEDS:
3. Kevin Williams RC
65. Charles Haley
67. Robert Jones
68. Derrick Lassic RC
69. Russell Maryland
70. Ken Norton Jr.
71. Darrin Smith RC

All Pros:
AP3. Troy Aikman
AP7. Emmitt Smith

'94 U.D. SP NEEDS:
118. Charles Haley
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119. Alvin Harper
121. Daryl Johnston
122. Emmitt Smith
123. Shante Carver RC

118. Charles Haley
119. Alvin Harper
122. Emmitt Smith
123. Shante Carver

'95 U.D. SP NEEDS:
13. Sherman Williams RC
41. Charles Haley
42. Deion Sanders
43. Jay Novacek