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    Feelings about Topps flagship SPs and SSPs

    Looks like there are close to 100 SPs and SSPs in Topps Series 1 this year. How does everybody feel about them? Like, love, hate, no opinion? Just trying to get a feel for where other collectors are on this topic.

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    The SPs were too easy to get in 2017 Topps Update. Liked it better when the base SPs were 1 per box with SSPs 1 per case.
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    Too many short prints, variations, and parallels are annoying to me. But I can understand why card companies put them out there.

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    I agree with Thick McRunfast- too confusing until you finally get an idea which cards are regular cards and which are SPs. I like things simple.
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    I am way old school and personally don't like the SP or the SSP. I want to collect the set and don't needed it tricked up to just sell more product.

    And for the first time in decades, NO plans to put this set together.
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    Way too many in my opinion. When they were rare and hard to find it was kind of great because if you pulled one it was an added bonus with a lot of value. Now it just seems like they cheap and all over the place so what's the point? If you pull one it isn't worth squat because nobody wants to chase down so many "SP" cards.
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    I'm not a fan of them in their current form. They have just gone too far with it. Short prints aren't short prints if there are 200 of them in a 700 card set just like a 1/1 isn't a 1/1 when there are 10 other cards out there from the same product also marked 1/1 that all look exactly the same except for a different ink color.

    I love the idea of historical player SPs that Topps used a little bit this year. I'm not opposed to SP parallels but limit it to 5-10 players. 5 modern players and 5 historical players would be great. 10 of each might be okay but probably stretching it. Anything over that is just too much in my opinion.
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    Ok, glad to see I'm not the only one that isn't a fan. Topps flagship release day used to be one of the most exciting days of the year for me. But the sheer number of SPs, SSPs (and the fact that alot of players have both SPs AND SSPs)... They are losing me. I get the appeal. But, I think there are plenty of other products out there (Heritage, A&G, Gypsy Queen, any number of high end releases, etc) where SPs make sense. Why clutter the flagship set with them, too? Heck, even the set allegedly aimed at kids (Opening Day) has impossible to find SPs now. That's gonna end up turning kids away if they can only find the BASE card of the hot rookie instead of the SP that they want.

    I think the problem is every link in the chain expects to be able to profit. The manufacturer demands a profit. The distributor demands a profit. The retailer demands a profit. And, finally, the consumer demands a profit. Unfortunately, that isn't a sustainable business model, and it will eventually lead to our hobby's collapse.

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    They basically took the steam out of Topps Heritage with all the gimmicks, SSP, and parallels and it seems like they are now trying to finish off set collecting once and fore all with these new "improvements" to the flagship Topps set. I mean I've never seen somebody go "Oh I'm going to be buying this product now with all this stuff added to it" but I've seen a lot of longtime collectors of Heritage and now Topps just "give up" with all this nonsense. Probably won't hurt sales of Topps but I think it will hurt the resale on places like eBay though. I see the same amount of case breakers but way less set collectors in the future if they keep this crap up.
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    Aaaand, after I talked about how much I dislike SPs, I pulled what will likely be one of the hottest ones in the set (Judge "blue jersey") from my first pack.

    Go figure.

    It's available for sale or trade here:

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