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Thread: new guy!

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    new guy!

    My name is Paul Scimonelli and I am new to this site. It looks very exciting.
    I have been collecting for over 40 years. I have sponsored, managed, and run autograph shows for many years, so I ma aware of the business.
    I like getting autos through the mail. I was told at the TTM Facebook page that people here would help me find addresses of old ballplayers. I'm particular interested in guys who played with the Washington Senators.
    I have also authored a new biography: "Roy Sievers: The Sweetest Right Handed Swing in 1950's Baseball" available on Amazon. Consequently, I have done a lot of research on 1950's baseball and the players. I'm also interested in those plaerys as well.

    Thanks for accepting me onto this site. I look forward to chatting with you all.

    Paul S.

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    Hey Paul welcome to SCF! Yes there are a lot of TTM collectors on here and I bet that they can help you the addresses you need!
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    Welcome to SCF
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    Please bare with me sometimes my work schedule changes in a matter of minutes.

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    Hey there Paul, welcome to SCF ! It's a great place for us collectors.
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    Paul- Welcome to SCF!
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Welcome to SCF Paul, enjoy yourself here and have fun adding to your collection!

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    Hello and welcome
    I Collect Cleveland Browns/Nascar( Austin DIllon).

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