If I were to put together a couple of custom card images (jpeg), would somebody be willing to print them for me? I just don't have the equipment necessary to do it myself, and don't see myself doing enough customs to justify the expense of getting said equipment.
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It would most likely be 2-3 cards of older players that didn't have many (or any) cards during their career... A couple of copies of each (as I would like to offer the players one to keep). Would prefer older card stock (brown/grey stock like was used in the 40s - 80s), but wouldn't turn down any offer of help.

I know that the forum has strict rules about not being allowed to profit from making customs. I don't know if this would fall under that category or not. But, I'm willing to pay/send some cards (if allowed) for your time, experience, and generosity. I would also be willing to send an autographed copy of the custom back to you (kinda like a 50/50).

I hope to have the images ready next week.