The Ace Bailey is in the center of the bottom row. The card:

2017 Leaf In The Game Used - Vintage Memorabilia VM1-01 Ace Bailey (Silver Version). It's serial numbered 1/1.

I'd like to trade it for some kind of Gretzky GU card. I'm okay with Leaf, ITG, or Upper Deck - (licensed, unlicensed, doesn't matter) but it needs to be a patch, and it needs to be Oilers, and needs to be just Gretzky on the card.

Can be one piece of memorabilia, or can be a few (i.e. Leaf Locker Room?). I'm more concerned about the patch quality than I am the serial numbering. Something /30 or something /5, I don't really care.... I'm just going to be picky on the memorabilia.