I've got a lot of donovans and Ive been saving all his base cards that I come across and making purchases of his higher end stuff. I think he is going to be a career standout over recent decades of rookie classes. (just my opinion, but I did predict the after dunk contest rush ive been seeing and I made seversl purchase. Id be willing to consider trading some other higher end rookies that I have if you tell me what your into i can see if I have it. Right now-nocash, sotrading only option.

post here or pm me what donovans you have and I will see if I have anything you are interested in. I would love a silver prism but Im not sure I could get a price that would work for me, but hey give me an offer and I can see what i can do.

Most of the stuff I have is this years stuff, or from the 90's since I just got back into it this season.