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    McFarlane and Starting Lineup Figures for Sale


    Does anyone have any suggestion on the easiest/best way to unload my McFarlane's/Starting Lineup's below? I will be moving in a few monthsand did not want to take any of them with me. My collection isn’t the greatest, but everything is the package and mostin great shape. I don’t want to deal with ebay. Listing each figure is time consuming and I washoping to find something a little bit easier. I have had them on Craigslist with no such luck. If I can’t sell them in the next couplemonths I am just going to take them all and donate them to the local children’shospital. Before I do that I want to seeif anyone is interested in purchasing.

    Any suggestions would be greatlyappreciated. Below are the figures I have.
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    NFL Series 1 Kurt Warner - Rams (white) - dirty version (Yellow Plastic Tint)
    NFL Series 1 Warren Sapp - Buccaneers (Red)
    NFL Series 1 Emmitt Smith - Cowboys (White)(Yellow Plastic Tint)
    NFL Series 1 Eddie George-Titans (Blue)- dirty version
    NFL Series 1 Randy Moss - Vikings (Purple)
    NFL Series 1 Edgerrin James - Colts (white) - dirty version(Yellow Plastic Tint)
    NFL Series 2 Marshall Faulk - Rams (blue)
    NFL Series 2 Brian Urlacher - Bears (blue) - dirty version
    NFL Series 3 Ladainian Tomlinson (White)
    NFL Series 4 Peyton Manning - Colts (white)
    NFL Series 5 Tom Brady - Patriots (white)
    NFL Series 6 Brett Favre Surprise Falcons
    NFL Exclusive Super Bowl XXXVII Exclusive - Junior Seau & Ladainian Tomlinson
    NFL Exclusive William Green - Hall of Fame Exclusive
    NFL Exclusive Tiki Barber - National Sports Collectors Convention Exclusive
    NFL 2-Pack Brian Urlacher/Brett Favre
    NBA Series 1 Kobe Bryant - Lakers, Home (yellow)
    NBA Series 1 Jason Kidd - Nets, Blue
    NBA Series 1 Vince Carter - Raptors, (White)
    NBA Series 1 Tim Duncan - Spurs, Away (black)
    NBA Series 1 Allen Iverson - 76ers, White
    NBA Series 1 Kevin Garnett - Timberwolves, Home (white)
    NBA Series 2 Antawn Jamison - Warriors, Home (white)
    NBA Series 2 Kwame Brown - Wizards, Away (blue)
    NBA Series 2 Elton Brand - Clippers, Away (red)
    NBA Series 2 Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks, Away (blue)
    NBA Series 2 Ray Allen - Bucks, (White)
    NBA Series 2 Steve Francis - Rockets, Home (white)
    NBA Series 2 John Stockton - Jazz, Home (white)
    NBA Series 2 Tracy McGrady - Magic, Home (white)
    NBA Series 2 Shaquille O’Neal - Lakers, Home (yellow)
    NBA Series 3 Kobe Bryant 2 - Lakers, (Purple)
    NBA Series 3 Mike Bibby - Kings, Home (white)
    NBA Series 3 Latrell Sprewell - Knicks, (white)
    NBA Series 3 Baron Davis - Hornets, Home (white)
    NBA Series 3 Paul Pierce - Celtics, Away (green)
    NBA Series 3 Pau Gasol - Grizzlies, Away (black)
    NBA Series 3 Rasheed Wallace - Blazers, Away (black)
    NBA Series 4 Amare Stoudemire - Suns, Home (white)
    NBA Series 4 Jalen Rose - Bulls, Away (red)
    NBA Series 5 LeBron James - Cavaliers, Home (white)
    NBA Series 5 Chris Webber - Kings, Home (white)
    NBA Series 5 Yao Ming - Rockets, Home (white)
    MLB Series 1 Ichiro - Mariners Home (white)
    MLB Series 1 Albert Pujols - Cardinals, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 1 Shawn green - Dodgers, (white)
    MLB Series 1 Sammy Sosa - Cubs, (blue)
    MLB Series 1 Mike Piazza - Mets, Away (black)
    MLB Series 1 Pedro Martinez 2 - Red Sox (white) (chase)
    MLB Series 1 Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks, Home (black)
    MLB Series 1 Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 2 Kerry Wood - Cubs, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 2 Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox, (white)
    MLB Series 2 Derek Jeter - Yankees, Home (white)
    MLB Series 2 Roger Clemens - Yankees, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 2 Barry Bonds - Giants, Home (black)
    MLB Series 2 Manny Ramirez - Red Sox, (gray)
    MLB Series 2 Alex Rodriguez (White)
    MLB Series 2 Ken Griffey Jr - Reds Away (gray)
    MLB Series 3 Curt Schilling - Diamondbacks, Home (white)
    MLB Series 3 Vladimir Guerrero - Expos, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 3 Jason Giambi - Yankees, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 3 Adam Dunn Gray
    MLB Series 3 Roy Oswalt - Astros, Home (red)
    MLB Series 3 Juan Gonzalez - Rangers, Away (blue)
    MLB Series 3 Roberto Alomar - Mets, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 4 Matt Morris - Cardinals, Home (white) (Yellow Plastic Tint)
    MLB Series 4 Eric Hinske - Blue Jays, (Gray)
    MLB Series 4 Ichiro 2 - Mariners, Home - Away (Blue)
    MLB Series 4 Larry Walker - Rockies, Home (purple)
    MLB Series 4 Trevor Hoffman - Padres, Home (blue)
    MLB Series 4 Lance Berkman - Astros, Home (white)
    MLB Series 5 Pat Burrell - Phillies, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 5 Eric Gagne - Dodgers, (White)
    MLB Series 5 Derek Jeter - Yankees, Away (gray) (surprise)
    MLB Series 5 Torii Hunter - Twins, Away (gray Pants)
    MLB Series 5 Miguel Tejada - A's, (GreeN)
    MLB Series 5 Alfonso Soriano - Yankees, Away (gray)
    MLB Series 5 Barry Bonds - Giants, Home (white)
    MLB Exclusive Fanfest 2003 - Frank Thomas & Sammy Sosa
    MLB 2-Pack Manny Ramirez & Mark McGuire Babbages 2 Pack
    MLB 1994 Frank Thomas Sports Illustrated Fine Pewter Collection
    Starting Lineups
    MLB 2001 Frank Thomas Starting Lineup 2
    MLB 1992 Frank Thomas Starting Lineup
    NFL 1995 Dan Marino Starting Lineup
    NFL 1996 Dan Marino Starting Lineup
    NFL 1998 Dan Marino Starting Lineup
    NFL 1997 Classic Double - Dan Marino & Bob Greise
    NFL 1997 Classic Double - Brett Favre & Bart Starr
    NFL 1997 Classic Double - Joe Montana & Jerry Rice
    NFL 1997 Classic Double - Troy Aikman & Roger Staubach
    NFL 1998 Classic Double - Dan Marino & John Elway
    NFL 99-00 Classic Double - John Elway & Terrell Davis
    NFL 99-00 Classic Double - Dan Marino College & Pro
    NFL 99-00 Classic Double - John Elway College & Pro
    NFL 2000 Classic Double - Eddie George & Marshall Faulk

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    Very nice collection my brother sold his via auction he made out pretty good. Sports card show as well

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    Please bare with me sometimes my work schedule changes in a matter of minutes.Trade list is currently a work in progress if you don't see anything please ask.

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    How much for the Eddie George and Peyton Manning?

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    Figures for trade

    I would trade for the Dirk and Pudge if you had a team you like. I could see what figures I have for your teams. At this point, I'm just collecting my teams, but it looks like our collections are similar (WE COLLECTED EVERYTHING). I use to have over 450 sports figures down to the final 80 or so. I found Craigslist to be good because the people didn't have to pay for shipping and I didn't have to pay ebay so I made about the same price as ebay sells but they saved a little on the shipping. I also was able to unload 4 or 5 figures at a time this way. If I had figures I really didn't need I would package like 4 or 5 together for some mid 70's or early 70's Ryan card. From my perspective They were getting nice clean figures, and I got something + space back in my closet.

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