Hi, Everyone,

I’m a Hawks fan and want to get a lot of Hawks base to foil but don’t want to pay an outrageous amount just for the Hawks. I thought I’d see if there’s any interest from others looking for just one particular team. I’m looking to do a team break for cost. don’t want to make any money on this and have calculated prices per team based on the most recent, regular breaker on eBay. You’d get all the cards, hits AND base, for your team. I’ve listed the the breakdown below. Let me know what you think. The break would be live on breakers.tv. TBH, I’ve never done a live break before, and I’m definitely not claiming to be a professional breaker, I’m just trying to find the cheapest way to complete my Hawks set with the foils. (I figure it’s try this or see if someone would be willing to break a case for themselves, live of course, after agreeing to give me all the Hawks cards for $30.00.)

I’m not sure if these prices are a good reflection of the value, but these were based on an eBay break overall price for the case, broken by percentage for each team, applied to the $1049.99 case on ePack. Let me know if these make sense or need to be adjusted.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Anaheim $12
Arizona $102
Boston $33
Buffalo $12
Calgary $16
Carolina $33
Chicago $30
Colorado $37
Columbus $12
Dallas $13
Detroit $26
Edmonton $42
Florida $28
Los Angeles $24
Minnesota $25
Montreal $36
Nashville $21
New Jersey $63
NY Islanders $25
NY Rangers
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Ottawa $28
Philadelphia $115
Pittsburgh $52
St. Louis $27
San Jose $12
Tampa Bay $25
Toronto $21
Vancouver $65
Vegas $33
Washington $31
Winnipeg $34