Hello collector / seller

In the last few weeks a large number of users have installed our Kronocard software to manage their card inventory.
Among them, several people have also installed the connector that makes it easier to sell on eBay with Kronocard. Unfortunately, in the last week users have reported that it was not working ... 😭

After spending the weekend searching, we discovered that it's a change in eBay that broke one of the features of our software.

Users were receiving this message.


If this is your case, then you can now install the latest version of Kronocard to fix the problem.
I hope this problem did not give you a bad opinion of our software ...
If you have comments or questions do not hesitate to send them to us, we are here to help! 😀
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You can download the latest version here: Kronocard here.

For people who are not aware, you will find our free 50 cards eBay connector here: eBay Connector Plans