It’s coming. One of the most spectacular soccer trading card products ever envisioned is about to become reality. Panini America’s extravagant Eminence brand that forever raised the bar for what is possible at the highest-end of the spectrum in basketball is about to do the same for soccer. Earlier today, Panini America officials unveiled the first remarkable glimpses of Eminence Soccer with a unique digital book that ranks as must-see reading material.
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Set to arrive later this summer amid the global fervor surrounding the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, Eminence Soccer features some of the most phenomenal soccer trading cards ever created, including gems featuring enormous patches, certified diamonds and precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Every box of Eminence Soccer will contain at least 10 cards with a minimum of nine autographs. Speaking of autographs, the Eminence Soccer signature checklist includes the first on-card autographs from more than 10 soccer legends and rare cut signatures from global superstars.