Hello All! I had a couple of updates from The Card Swap

1 - Last Call on Topps Series 2 Hobby Break - Breaking tomorrow night at 9pm est from our new stream page! Remaining teams include Dbacks, Giants, Marlins, Reds, and Rockies. They are all ONLY THREE Dollars. Plus $3 flat shipping, multiple teams. Click here to purchase

2 - Topps Jumbo break is next. 2 Boxes. Looking to break that on Friday night. at 9pm est. Still lots of teams left there. Click here to check who's left in that break

3 - Reduced prices on several more cards in the shop, including most things in the Manny Machado Shop

4 - PreOrders coming from Stadium Club Breaks! The case is on order!

5 - In case you missed our new shipping prices. Singles ship for per order, Breaks ship for per order. Flat Rate, regardless of qty
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I think that's it for now, still trying to work out the best prices and get things more affordable and easier for ppl to purchase. Please let me know if you have any questions - thanks everyone for reading!

- Aaron B