During tonight’s electric™2018 NBA Draft, history will be made and dreams will come true on a breathtaking night In New York — and™Panini America™will be ready to celebrate by making a little trading card history of its own. Yesterday, the Panini Instant website™launched™Panini Instant 2018 NBA Draft™cards for more than 15 top draft prospects, including™Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Mo Bamba, Donte DiVincenzo and more. Later tonight and one by one, the cards will be updated in real-time as each selection is made, meaning each new draftee’s first trading card with his new team will be available just minutes after his name is called.
The cards are available now on™the Panini Instant website™and will be changed to reflect real-time images from tonight’s draft as soon as action gets underway. Check back later today for potential new additions. Enjoy the 2018 NBA Draft tonight and and stay tuned to™The Knight’s Lance™and the Panini America social feeds for additional coverage.
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