Hey guys I got my order back from Rackrs and here is my review. Out of 10 starts I give them 9 stars. 4 out of 5 if you prefer. You get the drift. They far suprassed my expectations and they are setting the standard for autograph authentication. Below are some scans and the pros and cons of the service.

Their website is Rackrs.com

1. The price, $5 for a regular autograph and $7 for a hall of famer. It does not matter if you give them a bat or a trading card! They even authenticated some of my multi signed items for $5. I sent a team ball and a hat signed by various pirates. They authenticated for $5 each!
2. Reasonable return time. From the time I sent my items out until I received them only took about two weeks.
3. You get to pick if you want the stickers on the item.
4. They take a picture of your item and post it on their site for complete transparency.
5. They write you a letter for all your rejected items explaining in detail why your autograph did not pass authentication.
6. They returned my top loaders for free.
7. Awesome customer service. These guys reply quickly.
8. Items were returned well packed.


1. They are brand new and I mean brand new I was their first customer. That means the brand recognition is not there yet.
2. They put regular tape instead of painters tape on the toploaders they gave me. While this could damage my items they didn't damage anything. They have informed me they will no longer be putting tape on toploaders.
3. If your autograph does not match their database it will not pass even if it's real. This is a problem with all Authentication Companies

Below are the scans enjoy.
Disclaimer: While I do not work for Rackrs I am their customer. I am selling some of the items they authenticated for me.

Bobby Doerr autograph playoff honors.jpgBobby Doerr coa.jpgDoug Drabek auto.jpgDoug Drabek COA.jpgwade boggs auto rackrs card_0001.jpgwade boggs auto rackrs card_0002.jpgrackrs rejection letter_0001.jpgrackrs rejection letter_0002.jpgrackrs rejection letter_0003.jpg