Nick Foles arrived at The Doylestown Bookshop at 2:23 p.m. Thursday, a red SUV with tinted windows parking at the back door so that he could slip into the store without causing any commotion. But after a long ride from Northeast Philadelphia, he had to use the men’s room, and as he walked toward the center of the store he could see them all.
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There were Eagles fans in Foles jerseys, in Foles T-shirts, in Brian Dawkins jerseys, in Carson Wentz T-shirts, in green Eagles hats, in white Eagles hats, in black Eagles hats, and in green-and-black-and-white Eagles hats. There were Eagles fans snaking around the shelves, paging through copies of Foles’ just-released autobiography, Believe It, sitting on the floor or standing up near display tables of bestsellers and high school students’ summer-reading requirements.