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    Yes, I know, I have no willpower...more 17-18 ITGU

    So I stopped by The Fantastic Store again, but I swear, I was only going to get a one-touch for the Rivals card I pulled from my last case. But, they had just opened up a fresh case, and had 1 extra box from a previous case. So I bought all of them

    Yes, 11 packs. 55 cards. Here, and ranked, from 55-1. Some may not agree with my ranking, and that's ok. I based it off of serial numbering, swatch piece, overall look of the card. If I liked a higher numbered card, I put it better on the list than a lower numbered card. Get over it.

    Nothing super sexy like the Rivals card from the previous case, but I still hit a number of amazing cards, including one that I was hoping to pull after seeing Thorstens' case.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Henrik Lundqvist /30
    - Good goalie, boring card.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Teemu Selanne /30
    - Great least it's not a white swatch?


    Nickname Hall of Fame Guy Lafleur /30
    - Barely 2-color swatch. A hint of white on the bottom corner.


    Dynamic Duos Brett Hull / Adam Oates /4
    - Remember when I said I may put higher numbered cards ahead of lower numbered cards if it looked better overall? Well.....


    Dynamic Duos Brett Hull / Adam Oates /30
    - Nice barely 2-color swatch on the Hull. Same boring white on the Oates.


    Dynamic Duos Nolan Patrick / Nico Hischier /35
    - Oh thank goodness, non-white swatches. Nice seam on the Patrick, too.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Curtis Joseph 12/12
    - White swatch, but I like the purple foil; really makes the cards pop I think.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Pat Verbeek /12
    - The ONLY Little Ball of Hate, Mr. President Barack Obama. The ONLY one.


    Autograph Patch Patrick Lalime /12
    - Why is he in this set? I know he has a bit of a following, but still.


    Autograph Jersey John Garrett /7
    - An older guy on a team that still has a bit of a following. I wish I could get some color on these what swatches, though.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Trevor Linden /30
    - Nice swatch piece. Can't go wrong with a Linden patch.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Henrik Lundqvist /4
    - Shiny foil..just about the only thing it has going for it.


    Induction Years Mike Gartner / Dale Hawerchuk / Jari Kurri /25
    - Nice piece on the Kurri, and it has a Capital on it.


    Induction Years Valeri Kharlamov / Cam Neely / Patrick Roy /25
    - The one true Seabass. Plus the Roy piece has a nice piece of patch on it, and nice 2-color on the Kharlamov. Second copy of this card, but this copy has much better swatches than the other one.


    Induction Years Ron Francis / Mark Messier / Al Macinnis 1/35
    - My second copy of this card in 2 cases. At least this has nice swatches as well again. But both had white for the Macinnis pieces. Odd, I say.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Brett Hull /4
    - Colored foil matches the Dallas colors he's wearing in the picture, so yay?


    Induction Years Mats Sundin / Chris Chelios / Brendan Shanahan 3/3
    - So, I'm not sure where that Chelios piece is from. It's a purple jersey with a hint of yellow stitching on the top left corner. That reminds me of old Kings jerseys, but also maybe an All-Star jersey at some point? Anyone have an idea?


    Dual Autograph Game Used Joe Veleno / Nico Hischier /30
    - There are worse players to be followed by than Veleno and Hischier in this product. Can't complain. Also, apparently, each case either has a ton of Game Used 1/1's (like my last case), or a ton of Autographs (this case). Pretty interesting, and I wonder if that was done on purpose or just happenstance.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Larry Robinson /30
    - That isn't a piece of white jersey, it is actually a cushion, I think from either a shoulder pad or elbow pad perhaps. Pretty neat, though.


    Dynamic Duos Guy Lafleur / Steve Shutt /2


    Autograph Patch Jack Eichel /7
    - Sweet patch on this. My second copy, but this has a much superior swatch on it.


    Dual Auto Jack Eichel / Nolan Patrick redemption


    Dynamic Duos Bobby Clarke / Reggie Leach /4
    - Nice piece on the Leach. Second copy of this card as well.


    Dynamic Duos Mario Lemieux / Jaromir Jagr /7
    - Can't complain about these two guys. Can mutter under my breathe about the swatch choices.


    The Final Curtain Gordie Howe / Gerry Cheevers /5
    - Hmm..I wonder if this will be the last time you see either of these guys on this list?


    Induction Years Michel Goulet / Peter Stastny / Wayne Gretzky 5/5
    - I will never, ever complain about pulling a Gretzky GU card. Especially a low-numbered one.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Mark Messier /6
    - The ONLY thing wrong with this card is the Canucks patch swatch. If it had been a Rangers or Edmonton swatch, this would have been MUCH higher on the list.


    Dual Autograph Game Used Grant Fuhr / Bill Ranford /9
    - Kind of always wanted autos of these two guys. Pretty card.


    Rare Materials Nolan Patrick /6
    - Second copy of this card. Can't complain about that.


    Rare Materials Marc-Andre Fleury /6
    - Name recognition barely pushes this ahead of the Patrick.


    Induction Years Andy Bathgate / Jacques Plante / Marcel Pronovost /4
    - I cannot properly express my love of that Pronovost swatch. It may be only 2 color, but there is some history in that stitching for sure.


    Nickname Hall of Fame Grant Fuhr /6
    - Second copy of the Prime version of this card. Both are spectacular examples of the Oilers logo. This has a sweet part of the oil drop.


    Rare Materials Trevor Linden /15
    - Second copy of this card as well, but the swatch pieces are still just as nice.


    Autograph Game Used Charline Labonte /35
    - I was happy to pull some women's hockey out of this product finally.


    Dual Autograph Game Used Marcel Dionne / Rogie Vachon /9
    - Two more legendary players.


    All Time Rivals Wayne Gretzky / Grant Fuhr / Mark Messier / Al Macinnis / Lanny McDonald / Doug Gilmour /25
    - More Gretzky? Yes please.


    Induction Years Johnny Bower / Alex Delvecchio / Tim Horton /3
    - I think that Bower piece is the inside of the blocker, as it feels like foam.


    Dynamic Duos Prime Patrick Roy / Martin Brodeur /3
    - The Brodeur patch has the faintest of 2 colors, but you can't see it because the black piece is underneath the edge of the window. So, take my word for it


    Autograph Patch Joe Sakic /5


    Rare Materials Billy Smith /15
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    - How did Leaf know I enjoyed leather so much?


    Autograph Game Used Bernie Parent /7
    - See? More leather!


    Triple Autograph Nolan Patrick / Nico Hischier / Jack Eichel redemption
    - I'm not sure why there are redemptions, unless these are hard signed, but everything else is a sticker, and all three of these guys have autos in the product. Is anyone else confused by this?


    Vintage Material Robert Fillion /2
    - I hate to admit it, but I had never heard of Fillion before this. According to wikipedia, his full name is Joseph Louis Robert Edgar Fillion, nicknamed Bob, and played 7 seasons, winning 2 Cups in the 40's with the Canadiens. Pretty cool; learn something new every day!


    Dual Autograph Press Plate Phil Housley / Jack Eichel 1/1
    - I hope you're wondering "what else did he get that a 1/1 is at #12?!" Because I would be!


    Induction Years Mike Bossy / Denis Potvin / Bob Pulford 1/1
    - My second 1/1 of Bossy and Potvin; nothing to complain about that.

    So, folks, we've made it to the top 10! Are you ready?? Heeeere we go!


    Dual Autograph Game used Kim St. Pierre / Charline Labonte /12
    - This is the one card I was hoping to pull. Maybe not this specific card or these specific women, but I wanted a dual women's autograph game-used card, and I got it.


    Vintage Memorabilia Triple George Armstrong / Tim Horton / Bill Barilko /3
    - OK, so here's my second and last beef with this product. This card is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but the fact that the names are facing left when the players pictures are vertical is driving me batty.


    Induction Years Frank Brimsek / Ted Kennedy / Elmer Lach 1/1
    - I'm not sure where the Lach is from, but it's leather and has all the stitching holes, but none of the thread.


    Vintage Memorabilia Quad Bobby Hull / Frank Mahovlich / Gordie Howe / Stan Mikita /5
    - Howe is following me in this product, and I love it.


    All Time Rivals Prime Mike Bossy / Bryan Trottier / Denis Potvin / Phil Esposito / John Davidson / Anders Hedberg 6/6
    - If this card looks familiar, it should. I pulled an /4 version of this exact same prime card in the last case.


    Vintage Memorabilia Quad Gordie Howe / Jean Beliveau / Maurice Richard / Red Kelly /2
    - See? Howe is following me. As long as he keeps bringing his buddies along for the ride, I'll take it.


    Dynamic Duos Prime Wayne Gretzky / Mario Lemieux /5
    - That Gretzky swatch, though...


    Vintage Memorabilia Bill Gadsby 1/1
    - Hmm. I wonder how many stations he picks up? OK, that was mean, and this card is beautiful.


    Vintage Memorabilia Eight Gordie Howe / Doug Harvey / Dave Keon / George Armstrong / Frank Mahovlich / Stan Mikita / Jean Beliveau / Bobby Hull /3
    - See? Howe can keep bringing his buddies, and I will accept them with open arms.


    All Time Gr8's Prime Rogie Vachon / Bernie Parent / Billy Smith / Tony Esposito / Ken Dryden / Gerry Cheevers / Ed Giacomin / Eddie Johnston 6/6
    - Honestly any of the 5-1 can be put in any order just about, and they'd all be amazing. This one sealed the deal for me just based on the swatches alone. The wool on the Vachon, the swatch on the Cheevers, the leather for the Parent and Esposito, the swatches on the

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by and checking out my case! Let me know what you think!
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    Some huge hits again! ITGU and BBR are my favorite products this year.
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    Awesome hits, congrats! :)

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    Sick cards! Love that 8 way goalies card!

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    I really liked scrolling through your 55-card list. Awesome results! Some pretty cards in here.

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    Awesome stuff as always with the ITG stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Great Prices on soft sleeves and top loaders!

    Standard Soft sleeves .75 each , Thick Soft Sleeves $1 each, Top Loaders 60 point $2.75 each, Top Loaders 100 point $4, Top Loaders 140 points $2.50 each, Top Loaders 190 point $1.75 each, Top Loaders 240 point $2 each. Prices do not include shipping!!

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    Very nice cards and thanks for sharing!
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    Want to fill in my Emmitt Smith and Derek Jeter PCs! Let me know what you have for me!!

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    Some beautiful hits for sure, congrats!

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    Some huge hits again! ITGU and BBR are my favorite products this year.

    Thanks! I busted a few packs of ITGU on a whim a few weeks ago and got instantly hooked. It is just so pretty, I wish I could afford more

    Awesome hits, congrats! :)


    Sick cards! Love that 8 way goalies card!

    Thanks! Obviously I agree!

    I really liked scrolling through your 55-card list. Awesome results! Some pretty cards in here.

    Thanks. I had fun writing it, hoping at least some people would appreciate it for the humor I threw in here and there.

    Awesome stuff as always with the ITG stuff. Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks Don.

    Very nice cards and thanks for sharing!

    Thank you and you're welcome.

    Some beautiful hits for sure, congrats!

    Thank you!

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