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    Need Low End Deuce Mcalliste rookies

    I need any low end Deuce Mcallister rookies.

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    I'd trade it for this:
    2003 Score Monday Night Heroes MN6 Terrell Owens $1.00 $2.50


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    I have an mvp and probly a few other ones to trade

    Will trade for the daynes you might have


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    Pending how many daynes you got i will go up in cards. These mean nothing to me but i dont wanna get ripped. YOu have a good size lot of him ill find 6-9 rookies of him


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    I only have 7 Dayne cards and they are all base cards,but if you want them they are yours.

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    I will get ya 3 or 4 mcallister rookies pending on what i find. Tommrow after i get back from this whole graduation set up thingie at school ima go through a bunch of cards and see what i can find for a bunch of people


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