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    Earvin "Magic" Johnson Autograph Question

    Hello Everyone!!!

    My uncle just gave me his Earvin Johnson Autograph which he obtained when he was 10 years old in 5th grade.

    Earvin Johnson visited his school (Magic came from Lansing, where I am from). This was way before he was ever known as "Magic" and it is signed on a piece of notebook paper (the paper has small creases and folds in it) with lead pencil and it is still pretty visible. There is a small fold in the middle (runs right through the "J" in Johnson).

    With a PSA/DNA Slab for Authenticity along with a LOA, any idea of what it's value may be?

    Keep in mind, this Auto was from when Magic was in Highschool at Lansing Everett (in Michigan), my mom attended school with Earvin and my uncle ended up going to the same school.

    If anybody knows anything please let me know. I will provide a scan as soon as my camera batteries are charged up.


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    Hey Mike,

    Good to see a neighbor (Lansing) in here. Nice gift from your uncle. Well I'm not sure what its worth but in my opinion its probably not worth the cost of authenticating since you know your uncle wouldn't lie to you. Last Christmas I also recieved a autograph ball of Magic as a gift from my brother who works with Magics sister and she had him sign it when he was in town. It looks authentic to me and its from reliable. I thought about authenticating but it cost $50+ and I figure since I'm keeping it theres no use of authenticating. I will have pics up when I get the chance. My 2 cents

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    My opinion...

    I would just SLAB it. What it is worth on the market cannot match the sentimental value. I might authenticate it, but would never sell it...

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    If you plan to sell it then you it would almost have to be authenticated to fetch a decent price on say Ebay imho.

    Personally I'd just keep it, I mean it's Magic friggin Johnson!!!
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    I would imagine it would be worth alot more than the average Magic auto since it is older and signed 'Ervin'. Basically if u want to sell it, get it authenticated, it increases sale value. But if u want to keep it, which it sounds like you will, then dont bother since you know its authentic...jmo

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    Thanks to all who responded.

    I do plan to keep it, I just want to get it slabbed to preserve it better. The auto is in lead pencil so it isn't the boldest, but you can clearly read it.

    I have been in contact with PSA/DNA and it will be $30 to authenticate, $10 to slab and $10 if I want a LOA.

    I was just curious to see what someone might be willing to pay for it, since it is from when he was in Highschool and before he was ever labeled "MAGIC".

    I personally pulled a Magic Auto 8x10 Canvas from Topps reserve, traded it to the cardshop for 3 more boxes of Topps Reserve (this stuff was over $100 per box back in 01-02) and then I bought it back when they threw it on eBay for about $65. I don't have it anymore but wish I still did. I might pick another up someday.

    I always wanted this Magic Auto when I was little but I never had the nerve to ask my uncle for it. He also has Darryl Dawkins (spelling?) and George Gervin. These are also from the 70s.

    Thanks again, if I send it to get slabbed I will post a picture.


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    Here is the scan for anybody who wanted to see it.


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    Thanks, that was a cool piece to see...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpeezy415
    Thanks, that was a cool piece to see...

    Thank you. He was still in highschool when he signed this item.

    Any idea on worth?


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