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Thread: Expensive Boxes?

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    Expensive Boxes?

    Just wondering what he most expensive box you ever bought was, and if it was really worth it. I know some of the expensive boxes I have bought were not worth it.

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    I bought an Adrenaline box, and it was worth it. I got a Lemieux jersey.

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    i dont like to spend much on boxes, but my uncle gave me $100 and we went b-day shopping and i bought a 00-01 box of upper deck legends. in that i pulled a marcel dionne SP jersey and a guy lafleur auto. that was such a good box i decided to buy another one with my own b-day money. leter that day, i bought another and got a mario jersey and a joey mullen auto. each box was $119 and well worth it. on the other hand i bought a box of $80 1999-2000 upper deck series two and the best card i pulled was a series two patrik stefan (worth $4 now). it was the worst box i've ever gotten in my life.

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    I also purchased a 00-01 Legends box, and have completed the set. In the box I got a Fedorov Jersey, and a Clarke Auto. Those weren't great, but I got really good inserts, and the value of all the cards was over double what I spent for the box.

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    I got a box of atomic and it was well worth it i got an erik cole rookie that i sold at the time for $40 also 3 jersey cards. Pretty good box

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